hermie question???

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hermie question???
is it possible once a plant turns hermie is it possible for you to change it back to a pure female plant again and if so how???? :reefer
hermie question???
TheUnknownPharmer wrote:Some plants may shoot out a "hermi ball" or two.....and you can pick them off and they don't come back. But most likely, they will keep coming.

But IMHO, I would cull it.....inferior genetics.
I definitely agree... :bong1: :bong1:
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hermie question???
ok inferior genetics but fellow growers on P.S. say if a female plant is under ''stress'' it can turn hermie does that mean that those plants have bad genes and how do u stop a plant from turning hermie and also light cycles is it true that certain light cycles promote female growth and can light cycles can turn a plant hermie?if so witch ones can turn plants hermie and wich light cycle promote female growth
hermie question???
First of all IMHO all MJ can be hermied. It's the amount of stress it's given and how much that particular strain or plant can take.
The easier the plant can hermi, will dictate the stability of that plant or strain IMO
Light, water, air are all needed for proper growth.
Any of these that or restricted or altered above or below the needs of the plant causes stress on the plant and can cause it to hermi.
How much of this stress it can take is related to the stability or the plant.
So good genetics are the ones that can endure a certain limit of stress. IMO
A plant that hermies a little (not a full blown one) can be brought back to a viable plant , over a few generations IMO .
The light cycle that promotes female is the one closest to nature.
The cycle further from this can raise the chance of hermies, according the the stability of the plant itself.
The more stable plant can endure a bigger change. The less stable, not so.
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hermie question???
Listen to GT as he has a lot of wisdom. If your that desperate there is something called dutch reverse (I think). Apparently that kills the male flowers but not the female flowers.
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hermie question???
thanx for all the help guys any comments on flowering using T5 floros is it possible?
hermie question???
I was in a new hydro store that opened recently and a guy tried to sell me stuff that would change a hermie into a female.. some kind of reverse mix.. i researched it and it actually helps take the plant from flower to veg.. I haven't had one yet. When I do I plan on seperating it from the rest and excising the hermified part and see if the rest stays female.. just out of curiosity.
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hermie question???
The chemicals used to "reverse" a hermie are bunk-- and can be dangerous to your health.

Like the man said- almost ANY MJ plant can hermie if stressed-- SOME stress at the drop of a hat, others have to really be badly "manhandled" etc.. to hermie..

then there are the genetic hermies...

Stress hermies are MOST likely to pop out yellow finger-shaped "bananas" inside the female flowers. These drop small amounts of pollen into the plant... but it CAN spread thru the grow via fans or plants touching etc... they are so small and so hard to find, these can rarely be "fixed" per se.
Then SOME stress hermies will get a few full-fledged male flowers, usually under or IN the base of the female buds...

IF you know what is stressing them-- fix it!
Then pick off all the male pods every day as you find them. If after a week they are still forming-- there is either still a stress issue, or they are genetically flawed and can't be "fixed".

MANY hermies occur at the end of a grow, as the act of growing them under artificial conditions is a stressor in itself... since these plants usually veg MUCH longer and go thru many different lighting changes thru the grow season outdoors... if this happens, best thing to do is check the trichomes to see how far from harvest you are-- and have an early harvest if possible... a couple weeks early for one plant is better than it spewing pollen all over the grow room!

Then there are your flat-out genetic hermies... they almost always start out as hermies-- within the 1st couple weeks of 12/12... getting both male and female parts almost simultaneously. These are crap plants and should always be culled.
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hermie question???
Stress!!!!! i did this to one of my girls years ago and she hermied straight away showed 4 days after i did it.
anyway i was coming to the end of my grow and you know how the top buds are always bigger as they
get more light so i cut the tops off four 6ft+ plant in half and dropped the light to meet them so as to try
and get the last buds to thicken up a bit two were blueberry one mango and one skunk(way shorter).
the blueberry and skunk did fine and recovered in a week but the mango though looking healthy started
throwing off heaps of male flowers i would say as gt did that it was the stress but it was interesting
that none of the other strains turned hermie so maybe there is a slight genetic predisposition to
that but i dont know enought to say, its just an interesting situation i found myself in why one
and not the others they were all on exactly the same regime light, co2, nutes everything.
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