how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?

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how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
Hi im new to the forums and been reading over 6 hours a day for over a week seen many setups and im about to set up my own soon
i was thinking about keeping 2-4 mother plants and just clone them every week so i can harvest every week. i have a few questions that i cant seem to find the answer on while searching but i feel like a expert already cause of many topics in this forum.. Thanks planet skunk!!!

1) how many lights for the flowering room i have a 8x5 feet space and plan to have about maximum 30 clones

2)Can my mother plant keep producing the clones for a year and be the same potency?

3)What about clones from clones?

4)How much light does the mother room? Can i just use cfl? or should i get a 400 mh light?

5)would 4 400 watt hps lights be good for the flowering,about 30 clones?

6) i want something easy to grow. that doesnt take too long to flower but has a good smoke and good thc.. i've tried sour diesel and i like that smoke. anytihng similar to that quality that i should order as a beginner?

i am still figuring out what im gonna do to build my hydroponic system, but the are the question i need to have answered mainly.

7) also do mother plants make the odor like the flowers? want to know if i need 2 carbon filters.

Thanks planet skunk.. Im headed out to buy stuff to make my carbon filter.. enough for 2 of them 4x6
how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?

and im glad to hear you've been reading.

Ill give you a few short answers and my opinion.

1) I have 1 1000watt light in a 4 by 4 tent, so you could go 2-3 400's or 600's or 2 1000's depending on how bright and how spread you want the light to be, but defiantly no less than too if you'll have plants spread right across the floor.

2)Yes, when a clone is taken it does not lower the potency of the clone or the mother every clone will be identical to the mother.

3) Yes, you can take clones from clones and they will be identical to the mother again without lowering potency.

4)You can use any type of light for any part of a grow, the more powerful the light the faster and better your plants will grow. I have seen great CFL grows and great HID grows, so its really your choice or preference(a HID light will be much more effective tho).

5)It does matter how many clones you have as i am going to flower around 30 in my 4 by 4 tent its how big they grow too and how far they spread out. Flowering them quite little you could use just 1 or 2 but if you vegged them for 2-4 or even 6 weeks they would need a lot more space like 3-4 lights.

6) Fast flowering strong plants would include : "MANY"
But in my experience white skunk, Skunk#1, White Widow and AK47 are all fast and potent.

7)I find any plant after about a week or 2 from seed do smell while vegging but nothing compared to flowering plants. If odor is a big issue for you then yes get 1 for every room your going to grow in.

Hope this helped, Coop
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how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
Hey mwskunk (that sounds familiar), coop answered all your questions, i just wanted to throw in a few things. i agree some strains will smell strong in veg stage, but in my experience, a few Odor Absorbing Gels (about 3-5 bucks) from any hardware store do the trick for veg, but definitely make that carbon filter for the flower room.

as to your comment about a hydro system, Mr. Obvious just finished a great tute on a Recirculating DWC. the tutes very in depth and detailed so i reckon it'd be something you might consider looking at. its a good read if you wanna go through building it or not. recirculating-dwc-by-mr-o-t34028.html

good luck with the setup, sounds like you're gonna be busy!
how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
Thanks guys.. I think im gonna try ak47 then. I just finished building my carbon filter its a 4 inch inlet. I just need to fill it with active carbon and cap it. also gonna get some odor absorbing gels too

found one more thing i need to know

what does this mean when i am buying seeds?
1)Yield: 350-400 p.s.m.
2)Yield: up to 125 gr (does this mean i can get 125 gr per seed if i follow all instructions on how to veg and flower these without clones?
how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
i ordered some chocolate chunk. seems to be good for what i need.

ak47 discription says it will have huge odor and i made a carbon filter its like 3 feet long and its 6x4.. im actually pissed cause i found that htg sells something similar but a shorter for 49.99 and i made this using home depot stuff costing me 65 without the activated carbon.. but i have about 15 worth of stuff to return so its like 45 plus the cost of activated carbon.

BTW what do u guys think of the this? Its from hidhut? its $600 bucks for this.

The LED UFO LED grow lights are the most revolutionary plant lighting product since the inception of High Pressure Sodium lamp. Consuming only 80 watts of power and producing virtually no heat, these LED grow lights boast light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 400W HPS.

The concept of the LED UFO is simple “ it uses highly efficient 1 watt LED's, uses only the exact spectrums required for photosynthesis, and uses wide angle directional bulbs. The 1 watt LED is one of the most efficient light sources in the world (lumens per watt). By using only the spectrum required, no light is wasted in the spectrums of light that do little or nothing for a plants growth “ such as green light. Lastly the directional LED's ensure 100% of the light is pointed downwards “ they do not rely upon reflective materials to direct the light.

Benefits of LED grow lights include:
- Greatly reduced power consumption
- Less Heat Generated
- Ideal for all phases of plant growth
- No setup required
- Less Pollution
- Extremely long life - 80,000+ hours

The LED UFO is many times over the highest powered LED grow light available. It can be used by itself for all cycles of plant growth (covers 9 square feet), can be combined with fluorescent lighting, or can be used to expand your current indoor garden. It can be used in any application “ hydroponics or soil, home or greenhouse!

The LED UFO includes the LED light, a ballast, and hanging hardware. The Cord between the ballast and the wall outlet is 6', the cord between the ballast and the LED lamp is 12'. The LED array (pictured) is equipped with three thermostatically controlled whisper quiet fans to keep the LED lamps cool.
Three Year Warranty - one year complete coverage, two years prorated.
*Not intended for outdoor use
how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
I have read up on all the LED's there light doesn't spread out or go very far best to stick with HID or CFL's.
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how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
i was wondering if i have 2 mothers and some clones do i need a 400w mh light or will some cfls do fine. or is maybe a 200w mh light ok? im wondering if cfl can produce more lumen per watt or if mh lights produce more, how much would i need and would they grow the same cause i will only have 2 and some clones.
how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
Any of that will do fine but really the more light and the more powerful it is the faster the mother will grow so if you want to take more clones regularly you will need more light.

How i do clones is instead of having a mother plant is by starting at seed germ the 10 or hw ever many you have then just before a flower them i take as many cloens as i want off the lower branches tht ill trim off anyway then flower the plants and grow the clones when the clones are ready to flower i take one clone of each orginal clone and trim the rest off that way you just have a cycle and no mother.

It works for me but is a bit more risky if all the clones fail you lose it all.
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how many lights per 10 clones? how much light?
Hey cooper thanks for the great advice.. i have thought about doing that after reading up more at ps. I will do almost exactly what you said but i will also keep 1 mother of each just in case. lets say i germ all 10 seeds and 5 survive and are females. i will keep 1 mother clone the other 4 with the mother and throw 4 mothers into flower and i will have 1 mother and a bunch of clones that can be for the next cycle a week later.. how does that sound

i was about to spend about $1000 on equipment cauce im broke now with no job. but my girl said i can use her card and spend like $3000 so i have a little shopping spree now.. :D but i wont spend whats not nessesary im so happy i dont have to worry about not getting everything i need. i am also trying to build my hydro set up and my room as much as i can.. I feel like this will be so fun for me.. I cant get myself off ps anymore and i keep reading. sometimes i have like 10 tabs open on each fox fire so i dont lose my research lol. ohh and its like 3 fox fires open :D then i take a break and play dota and it lags me having so many windows open