jack herer yields

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jack herer yields
your experiences

12 plants in 6 liter pots under 1 x 1000 hps

what is the average yield?

what can i expect..right now they dont look strong at all...very difficult plant to grow..

are they late bloomers?

please what is everyone's experience with jack herer in terms of yields.
jack herer yields
its not only the light that has an effect, its also how long you plan to veg your plants for. some people veg for a few weeks some do it for a few months. if you veg your plants longer you will get a bigger yield in your plants.

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jack herer yields
Yeah,,I only did the one last grow,,and she had mite problems and other things that held her back..If I remember right she went a little over 10wks...Great smoke I'll say...Can't remeber the yeild right now..It was very good though...If ya want to check my last grow I'm sure I posted the weights...Sorry,,I'm a bit Up right now,or I would go look for ya...lol

jack herer yields

,they have stopped getting taller their at about 30 inches give or take.I cut off 4 of the lower nodes to give more air circulation,im noticing yellowing leaves with big brown blotches..at about 65% of the crop..with some drying and curling...my research suggests it's a lack of "phosphorus" and "nitrogen".i dont understand how that can be.possible i wanst mixing the food in the water properly??? cause some of them are nice and green with no yellowing.

ok they were vegged for 3 weeks reached around 33 centimeters and flipped.

these were the nutrients I used and are using..I flipped on dec 8.

soil: premier pro mix
Nutrients veg : 1 full serving advanced nutrients sensizym,organic-b,iguana juice growth,carboload,superthrive,Nitrozyme Growth Plus

nutrients flower: 1/2 servings advanced nutrients iguana juice bloom,big budd,Nitrozyme Growth Plus,carboload,sensizym,superthrive.
feed/feed/water only big budd and superthrive are full doses.

Ph in water has always been between 6.0-6.5.

Now ive decided to switch to chemical, jack's classic flowering 10-30-20,monster bloom. will be starting this week.

I bought revive and overdrive by advanced nutrients can anyone tell me what their experiences with these 2 products were..i dont know if i should use them.they seem very promising in curing deficiencies.
jack herer yields
nutritionist wrote:your experiences

12 plants in 6 liter pots under 1 x 1000 hps

what is the average yield?

what can i expect..right now they dont look strong at all...very difficult plant to grow..

are they late bloomers?

please what is everyone's experience with jack herer in terms of yields.

N. you have started with the sea horse of the ocean. Meaning compare it to a fish in an aquarium. Very difficult strain. But you will be OK. First off JH is a very big plant if not put to 12/12 early So I figure you have a plant about 4 feet tall. This reflects in your root mass which should also be very abundant. My advice to you is transplant these girls to bigger pots. If you know a little on bonsai care. I would also suggest you top the root vain to halt the root growth. This also promotes flower rippening.
jack herer yields
my plants are 31 inches tall day 33 in flowering..

I'm kinda very dissapointed,my 2 ice plants plants are monsters with easily 2 ounces per plant and almost ready to be harvested.

same exact treatment..jack grew thin and only to be 31 inches tall.

PPM run off was at 1350 with feed,800 with just water.
Ph is at about 6.5

Does anyone know where i can read about growing the jack herer strain properly.

If i put them in bigger pots..at this stage will it help increase yield???
jack herer yields

Ive been growing Jack Herers for a while now and their the only strain I grow. These plants are useless trying to grow them small or in the Sea Of Green format, 31 inches is ridiculously small for the Jackers. The first time I grew them I got depressed thinking what a waste of everything, that is until they grew like trees while blooming, literally tripled in size reaching over two metres in height. Ever since then I treat them like trees, each pot almost one metre away from the next with alot of string to hold the suckers down. All those websites say itll yeild 120 grams and to top the bullshit factor in they also say if its nurtured well, I fell for this seed company owners comments. Now the part you want to hear, each tree yeilded around 450grams dried weight, once I hit just over 500grams, just once. Doubling the vegging to lets say 2 months would pull a few pounds easily.

My set up is childs-play.

25 and 35 litre pots, the bigger pot the better the plant the bigger the yield.
Coco medium, cant go wrong, better than all that perlite and vermiculite crap.
Drip to waste system, the trees get fed with clean nutrients, but its costy.
Coco Nutrients, Dutch glory - cash crop Shiva a&b with the shit loads of additives that comes from the same company are my favorite.

Veg them for 4 weeks, they should be around one metre in height. Bloom them for 8 weeks minimum, you have no option anyway, they mature like a slug. At this point they should be like a tree almost touching the ceiling, tie them down as soon as they hit the lamps, I burn 1 in 5 lol, thats because I dont dedicate much of my life schooling the suckers. This strain does not have the centre bud like the rest of strains, they grow a crown like centre tip. the buds are all in its arms. Feeding them is 4 times a day (6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am) feeding no less than 1 litre each, gradually increasing the amount to 4 litres as they grow large, again alot of nutes and water is used (5 litre nutrients is empty after 12 weeks or veg and bloom for 3 plants).

Hit me up if you want me to explain.
jack herer yields
Ok well here is our Jack Herer Grow story:

When we first recieved the clones I wasnt very impressed with them and through out the veg (which was about 6-7 weeks) they didnt seem to have as much growth as most other plants we have grown in this room. Then once we turned them to 12/12 they took off at an unbelievable rate and we had to use some stunt growth shit to get them under control and that was a very late stage to be adding that stunt growth stuff. In the end while I was interstate my bro decided to chop them maybe about 2 weeks early due to some unforseen circumstances which I wont get into so they got chopped at about 7-8 weeks into flower I think. Herer has a 9-11 week flower doesnt it?

Heres a few pics of the huge Herer plants at about week 3 and some other pics of a small bud of the finished product just to give yall an idea of what it is like:


This is just a tease with this small bud but in the end I dont think it was chopped too soon coz it still turned out pretty good.


My bro has 4 more clones of the Jack Herer but he has a big problem with them and is thinking of just throwing them out. The leaves are all turning white and he thinks it has something to do with the 2nd hand barrel he bought to mix the nutes in which he thinks had some other tyep of chemical in it before which is effecting the plants. I am yet to go over and have a look but I have never seen leaves turn white before so any info on that problem would be much appriciated. I will try and go there tomorow and get some pics of them and post up a new thread.
jack herer yields
Oh as for the final yield it was about 12lbs from the four plants so they did well considering.
jack herer yields

Nice trees bro, with all the early ripening additives whether they work or not Ive always had it blooming till 8-9 weeks, and havest the thing on week 9-10, never tried growing without additives so I cant tell you naturally. I envy your 12lb off 4 trees, but ill try not to give you the evil eye. At the moment Ive got three jackies in week 6 (wed itll be 7th) of bloom, over two metres tall. All doing good except the whore sitting in corner. Ive got mate nurturing 15 jack herers of mine, this would be my hardest grow yet considering the amount of light and water ill be using and the size they grow too, might have to invest in light movers or some rubbish. Anyway Ill try to make a grow journal for my next ridiculous grow.