How do I cross breed two plants?

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How do I cross breed two plants?
the questions is fairly simple, how do i cross breed two plants.
How do I cross breed two plants?
Pitty the answer isn't. :)
How do I cross breed two plants?
If you want to cross two strains, put a male of one strain and a female of another together in the same room.

That isn't it though, if you want to have any sort of decent strain as your outcome, you have to grow a bunch of seeds out and do some selective breeding.

There are some good stickies and tutes on here about breeding.
How do I cross breed two plants?
blackhole wrote:ROFL ya got alot to learn thier about dont just throw a couple plants in the same room... :x

1 male and 1 female will produce seeds if they are thrown into the same room. It's a good way to start.
How do I cross breed two plants?
blackhole-- try reading the WHOLE answer-- and NOT using the forums to air out your issues w/ other memebers

He said that is how to get seeds-- AND that it "isn't it if you want any kind of decent seeds" which is 100% correct--- You WILL get seeds from ANY male/female crossing-- But to get good seeds you ahve to know how to select the parent plants, and how to do recrossing ets....

a lot of reading--- start by reading thru the posts here on breeding, then try Googling "Marijuana Breeding Mendel"
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How do I cross breed two plants?
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How do I cross breed two plants? a bound to score with that set up Leeroy
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How do I cross breed two plants?
Um lets see if you want to breed two strians you must first know what you have. a bag of seed may and most likely will produce many diffrent offspring. You need to obtian or breed a true breeding strian before you can make a sucessful hybrid. A TrueBreeding strian for dummies would be when the offsring all produce the same triats in each and every plant, which is very hard to comeby with no breeding experience. A Hybrid is when you breed two truebreeding strians two obtian offspring that shares caracteristics with both parents. So for beginners what you can do is go read books for the "boatony" not sure if thats spelled right of the marijuana plant!

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How do I cross breed two plants?
ok if you start with solid genetics, a plant that only produces one or two phenotypes, cross it with another plant that is different (like indica/sativa crosses)then you have a new set of phenotypes. ... cdomin.JPG

i mean thats the half ass answer.
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How do I cross breed two plants?
if you use a hermi instead of a male to pollinate the female the seeds should be feminizedas far as i know!
good luck with it though mate.
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