seeds from a hermie plant

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seeds from a hermie plant

I had a female Hollands Hoop turn hermie after she got trampled (I'm growing outdoors)

The plant has a lot of seeds. Is it worth germing the seeds next season or should I throw them away?

P.S. It's still a nice smoke. Not as strong as you would expect but it's nice for a social smoke.
seeds from a hermie plant
The seeds from it will most likely be hermies too, any other females that copped some of the pollen should throw feminised seeds though.

Regards, Tom.

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seeds from a hermie plant
Cheers tom.

I might grow a couple next year in a remote spot and see what happens.
seeds from a hermie plant
but what happend that it became a hermy?
seeds from a hermie plant
so fem seeds come from a hermie pollinating a reg female????
and hermie seeds will be hermie?????
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seeds from a hermie plant
no most feminized seeds are treated with a certain acid (read the cannabis grow bible in the back on genetics andbreeding he talks in more detail about it) that strips away male chromosomes this process takes time for them to get clones of female only seed producing mothers they have to treat several batches of seeds, I recommend growng out a few good seeds and finding vialble clones. I wil admit though that I have used dutch masters feminizer and male flower killer, and I was pleasently surprised with 4 out of 5 girls, the problem is I dont know if that is because of the dutch master or if it would have gone that way anyway, I will use it on my next two harvests and if I get cosistant results we will be able to safely assume its a good product
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seeds from a hermie plant
ganja man wrote:but what happend that it became a hermy?

she got trampled or hit with something and the main stem was snapped off

I lost about 2 foot off the top. But the plant was very wide and bushy so I left her to grow. I've taken some of the buds off and they give a nice smoke - not as strong as you would expect but still a good hit.

It was a Hollands Hoop