Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat

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Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
I have gotten an overwelming response with questions on sucanat and I find myself writing the same thing over and over.
So what I have done is compile some information for you to sift through and I give the amounts to use. So with what information Im giving you here should asnswer your questions good enough for you to make an informed decission.

Sucanat (which is a concatenation of Sugar Cane Natural) is non-refined cane sugar that has not had the molasses removed from it like refined white sugar. It is essentially pure dried sugar cane juice. The juice is extracted by mechanical processes.[1]

Sucanat is generally accepted as a substitute for brown sugar. Unlike regular brown sugar, sucanat is grainy instead of crystalline.

"More importantly, Sucanat supplemented herb has an aroma and flavor all its own. It won't cover up the natural smell of your plants, but it'll add an extra richness and flavor to the strain. Some varieties that I've seen grown with Sucanat take on the flavor so much that they smell like carmel candy when you break up a bud. Joints rolled with Sucanat-grown ganja taste delicious all the way down to last ember burning against your fingertip. Bong hits linger on your tongue for hours, and even a quick hit off a pipe during lunch break becomes a momentary orgasm of sweet, savory goodness as the smoke rolls of your lips."

We all know that white sugar is like the devil. It's got zero nutritional value and rots our teeth. It also makes us feel crappy when we eat it because it makes our blood sugar level spike up and then come crashing down. Immagine what it does to our poor plants.

Have you heard of Sucanat? It stands for Sugar Cane Natural. It's sugar in its most natural form - pure cane juice with only the water removed. This process preserves all the vitamin-filled molasses. It's organically grown with no added preservatives or additives.

Sucanut can be used in place of white sugar or brown sugar when baking, and adds a wonderful flavor due to the molasses. Unlike refined white sugar, Sucanat contains iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium. So you will also be getting nutritional value when you smoke your herb.

PaPa's Tips: Look for Sucanat in the baking aisle at your local health food store. It's a little bit more expensive than refined white sugar, but you're paying for the extra vitamins. Try it next time you bake some cookies or muffins. It can also be used to sweeten sauces and marinades, adds a wonderful flavor to your weed due to the molasses. Unlike refined white sugar, Sucanat contains iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium.adds a wonderful flavor due to the molasses.

use two tbs per gallon, it gives it carbohydrates wich the plant has to make to photosynthesise, so it lightens the work load on the plant and all the extra carbs can be used to build bud, and you also get the benifit of the enhanced flavor of the weed.

If you are using another type of carboload then only use one tbs per gallon

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Typical bag of sucanat
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
hey hydro, is that stuff for misting you plant? or just mixed with watering
how many times a day?
only during flowering?

ty for help
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
if i dont mist then how is it used to help out my little daughters
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
I'm curious, myself.
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
i have it somehwere ill find it.
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
just dilute 2 to 4 tablespoons per gallon of water and use for irrigation during the last four to six weeks of flowering. buds will swell about 20%. and the smoke will be rich and sweet- HIGHTIMES , jorge's Rx
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
I have been using it (sucanat) for a few weeks now.
I use 2 tablespoons per gallon of water,at every feeding.I feed it with nutes,and at plain waterings,All have sucanat mixed like I said.It is good stuff,I can see the difference already.
Just trying to show that there are different thinkings on the mixture and how much,but it all seems to be good.
Just experiment with it and see what works for you.I dont think I would get much heavier on the mixture than 4 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Oh and by the way,I'm not in the last weeks of flowering....The girls LOVE it !!
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
what type of differance do you see
explain this " i can see the differance already" plzz
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
OK sorry about not getting back quicker, I use it with 2 other things in the last weeks of flower, I use sucanat (1 tbs because Im using other bud enhancers) 1 tsp of florolicious and 1/4 tsp Cha-Ching

I have also used it by itself and it gave great results with big swolen buds and enlarged calexes so that the smoke was potent and sweet.

The regular dosage is 2 tbs per gallon, I wouldnt want to use 4 tbs because its a bug magnet with that much sugar
Sucanat, Soo-ka-nat
could this be used as a molasses substitute in an alfalfa tea?