back at it again. this time, im in it to win it

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back at it again. this time, im in it to win it
hey fellow skunkers, sum of u may kno me sum may not. i had an unfortunate situation happen in my home a few weeks ago that forced me to rip everything apart, but now im back at it and im going harder than ever. setting up my flowering room and juss wanted to get sum input from u guys. the room is 88x36x88. im going to be running a 1000w hps in a big kahuna. the light is gonna be vented. portable ac in the room with it. walls protected with ir blocker.

was wondering if the big kahuna is too much for my setup. the dimensions on the kahuna is 33x27x10. im tryna make sure that everything gets a nice coverage of light. the light is only gonna be hung at about 5ft tall, so the bottom of the light is gonna be at about 4ft. im thinking it might be to close for the plants since i plan on using 3 gallon pots. which means the plants are already a foot in the air. a matter of fact im gonna raise the pole to make the light 7 ft in the air so the bottom is at 6ft and its gonna be adjustable to get down to as low as 3ft if i need. im also gonna get a wall mount fan to blow in between the canopy and light. im gonna be using the advanced nutes ph perfect ppm because i have it readily available to me at a very cheap price. im hoping it works in promix. dont see why it shouldnt.

anywho, im pretty much hoping for a bunch of short compact plants at 3ft max. gonna be growing sog style. inspired by nws, wut ever happened to him by the way. that guy is the truth. going to be having about 55 seeds in veg hoping to get about 30 females. gotta another flowering room in thats 3x3 that has a 400w hps in it that i plan on bring about 15 of them in here.

strains are white label rhino, white label white skunk, flying dman pot of gold, nirvana papaya, and nirvana chyrstal. hoping for the best. i usually dont go with so many, but im tired of not having enough to last til my next crop out, so now i have a nice variety. plan on cloning maybe the best of each strain keep it moving from there on in.
back at it again. this time, im in it to win it
a 1000w is fine for the space as long as you control the heat-- which sounds like you have that handled.

Just be sure you hang it so it can be raised and lowered as needed... Get some of those pulley things for raising/lowering the lights-- we use em and they work GREAT! raise/lower with 1 em.
The light must be UP as far as it can be when you work on or spray the plants, and in case they get taller than you expect.

You also need to take the size of the 5-gallon planters and the fact that the light must be at least 12"+ from the top of the plants and the size of the lamp it's self into consideration....

That only leaves you about 3ft or so for the plants.... and most get that big easily-- and some of those strain WILL get bigger unless you flower early, or learn to LST/Supercrop them.

white label rhino is controllable and chunky-- so should be ok with her... just flower when about 1/3 the size you want....
white label white skunk Most Skunks are BIG-- so either keep her LST'd, Supercropped, or flower as soon as she is 12''!
flying dman pot of gold Look at our grows of POG.. those gals are HUGE-- getting up to 6ft tall and 4ft wide... our "Small" pplants we have grown were over 3ft x 2.5 ft... they need space!
nirvana papaya She's easy to control-- not a huge plant to start with...should be ok.
nirvana chyrstal. Since it has Northern lights in it-- can get big-- but DON'T Top it! NL and WW can get wispy when topped... just LST if needed-- but flower at 12" to be sure!!!

Don't pop TOO many seeds-- remember-- a 3ft plant of those strains can EASILY give you WELL over 3oz each if you really keep up on em!!!

Good luck-- keep us posted!!!!
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