Question about a failed germination.

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Question about a failed germination.
Is there anyway to prevent the following from happening?:

I successfully germinated a seed and it sprouted about 1/2 inch. I then planted it into soil and watered it a bit. Two days later there was no sprout out of the soil so I decided to check it out, I moved the soil a little so I could see the sprout and the tip of the sprout was brown and looked as if it was about to fall off, no green. There was no lack of water or sun, can anyone help me to prevent this next time?
Question about a failed germination.
Possible you damaged the sprout when transplanting or its still coming up.

Next time simply soak ya seeds for 24hours in a glass of water then put straight into the soil. Ya dont have to let them grow on paper towel.Or if ya insist looking for that sprout to emerge from the seed place it in soil the moment ya se some white.NOt at 1/2 inch

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Question about a failed germination.
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and what kind of soil you using??
Sounds like root-rot or dampening off.. both soil-borne diseases... usually in soil that is too wet, or innoculated with mold. Try switching soil, and boil your water ahead of time and let it get to room temp. don't keep the soil wet, just barely damp.
I prefer to start them in peat pellets and grow to about 2" before putting into soil... peat pellets are more sterile as long as you use decent water.
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Question about a failed germination.
hmm i left the plant outside over night and all day and when i came home from school it actually sprouted, you can see the dried brown dead part but it's actually living