advanced nutrients feeding chart

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advanced nutrients feeding chart
Hey guys new to the site but a long time guest. I recently purchases all the products in the advanced nutrient chart in order to achieve to grand master grower mix. was just wondering if anybody has used this before and also i'm concerned with the amount they are telling me to use.

For example it says for the Third week of flowering you should be putting the following in
For a reservoir size of 100l
Sensi a 400ml
sensi b 400ml
Bud candy 200ml
Big Bud 200ml
B-52 200ml
Nirvana 200ml
Sensizym 200ml
Rhino Skin 200ml
Bud Factor X 200ml

This seems like way too much and i do not think that i will achieve an ec of 1.7 which i want for the 3 week of flower stage. Would really appreciate any advice on this as it is holding up my whole grow. Cheers
advanced nutrients feeding chart
They are like a chemistr set...

remember- they make $$ selling you as much stuff as possible...
Every brand dilute their nutrients differently -- some are much more concentrated-- others not so much and have a bunch of "extras" to use...

hence why we (Draig & I) stick to basics.. either Ionics or General Hydroponics Flora Nova) Grow, Bloom & Boost-- then a micro-nute solution (We use Earth Juice Microblast)

There are all kinds of additives out there, some help, some are hype... every grower has their preference...

If you already bought it-- use it.

If not-- Keep it simple!
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