Co2 and Temperature

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Co2 and Temperature
I have a room that is 1440 cubic feet. I am using a C.A.P co2 generator keeping the room constant at 1500ppm and because it produces heat, my temp goes up to about 89-92 degrees. I am currently in veg and I leave the co2 on for 12 hours of my light cycle and turn it off for the other 6 hours which happen to be the hottest part of the day.

The temps in the room are:

85-92 for the first 12 hours when the co2 is on

75-80 for the remaining 6 hours of the light cycle

68-73 during the 6 hours of darkness

My questions are as follows:

1) What temp should the room be when using co2?

2) Is there a problem with running it 12 hours out of the 18 hour veg cycle?

3)Is there any potential problem with my temperatures?
Co2 and Temperature
just add alil more ventalation. you should really try to keep temps below 90.
Co2 and Temperature
How are they growing??? quickly?? with CO2 injection they should be going crazy. If not the heat maybe slowing growth.
Co2 and Temperature
Is a 88 or 89 a really bad temp.? Thats what my small box runs at and the plant doesnt seem to be slowing growth.
Co2 and Temperature
Well im in a hot area of Australia, and im setting up my grow room now. I am very concerned about heat! Not sure how hot it can b but i believe low 85 with CO2 is OK. Apparently they can withstand temps a bit hottter when using CO2.

But this is only research i have done for this current grow setup, havent put this into practise yet.
Co2 and Temperature
Sawdy wrote:How are they growing??? quickly?? with CO2 injection they should be going crazy. If not the heat maybe slowing growth.

they seem to be growing pretty quickly... I am actually thinking of getting a co2 tank with a regulator as well and then the co2 generator won't have to work as hard. Also if I do that the co2 tank would last a hell of a lot longer.
Co2 and Temperature
Your temps should be lower during veg-- then higher (slightly) in flower... 70F-8F is optimim for veg.. and 75-85 is ok for flowering...
You need some ventilation-- an oscillating fan IN the room, a fan that brings IN cool air (at floor level if possible) and a venting fan as high-up as you can-- preferably at light level (in line-- even better!)

CO2 is better at lights-off when you flower-- lower temps are better....

Good Luck!
Co2 and Temperature
Lady Zandra wrote:CO2 is better at lights-off when you flower

what she said
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Co2 and Temperature
Plants do not use CO2 when the lights are off (dark) period. This is because CO2 is part of photosynthisis. At least all the grow guides i have read state so, Therefore the co2 only needs to be on when the lights are.

In my setup i plan to have refrig air cond regulating temp am sourcing a portable 1hp now. I will prob spend bout $250 AUS.

I have just ought CO2 injection am not sure at what age i should introduce it tho, i believe it is most effective when in flower.