Flowering Time length?

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Flowering Time length?
I was was wondering the average flowering time lenght for my 3 girls.they are under 4 150 watt CFLs and 3 40 watt 4 ft daylight tubes,they have recently started to bud and everything looks AWSOME!Just wondering how long is the average flowering time is for a sativa or indica under CFLS cuz i have both strains.Any help/comments are welcome and appreciated,PLANET SKUNK KICKS ASS BRO!!!!! :D :reefer :reefer :Yum :Yum :P
Flowering Time length?
You are talking anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. Do some reading and you will see how long different strains, etc take until chop. Sativa takes longer than indicia in most cases. Also sativa's will get really large, so I hope you have the room for it.
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Flowering Time length?
Sativas usually take longer than indicas. U gotta watch the trichs 2know 4 sure if U like couchlock like me :-D

Indicas usually take 8-11 weeks, & sativas usually 9-12.

research trichs 2 see what I describe cause I'm on my wake&Bake right now, & don't feel like explainin'. :reefer :reefer :reefer :reefer :reefer :stoned:
Flowering Time length?
Thanks and yes i like the couchlock buzz too. :Yum :bong1: :reefer
Flowering Time length?
if you like the couch lock then you want your thricoms turns amber befor you harvest. the longer you wait the better, untill they start to decompose. so make sure you look at the trics. usually it takes 12 weeks from start to finish depending on the genetics.
Flowering Time length?
the longer you wait the better, untill they start to decompose.

Dude Shugar, I really don't want to be rude, but if you don't know what you are talking about then don't give advise to beginners.
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Flowering Time length?
Once the trichomes start to change to gold, the THC begins to break down, lowering the potency of the weed... If you want lower potency, grow a lower THC weed and harvest it when you should-- you get it faster!

You need to know what strain you are growing. If it is bagseed, then you need to figure out whether it is indica (fat leaves, usually shorter plants) Sativa (Big plants with thinner leaves) or a cross...

Know what to look for, the trichomes-- NOT the size of the buds, or their smell, or the color of the hairs (those often change WAY before harvest due to other factors!)

Indicas go from (on average)50-65 days of flowering (after they start blooming!)
Sativas can go anywhere from 75-120 days depending on the strain (breed)
Crosses are in the middle of the 2..

Know what to look for to harvest, and start checking around day 50...

at 75-85% cloudy with a few clear, they are usable, but early, and will be trippier: but not fully potent...

At almost all cloudy (just a very few clear ones) They are at their peak and will be as described by the breeder for that strain...

At ALL cloudy and a few "going amber" They will be at more of a couchlock, but are just beginning to degrade- potency should not be effected.

After this point, it degrades, and you lose potency, essential oils begin to break down and change the flavor, and the buds may begin to "fluff up"... not to mention that many strains will begin to hermie if flowered too long.

Another member recently posted the photo's below--
they will help you!
Trichs color chart.jpg
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Flowering Time length?
SWEET,great info yall and how and the heck do u magnafy them so much?UR the best lady zandra thanks AGAIN!! :reefer
Flowering Time length?
Thanks LZ That was much needed :D