fluffy no weight buds!

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fluffy no weight buds!
hey all, my plants always get big buds on them but they always endup fluffy and have no weight what so ever very littl triches getting very frustrated useing ffnutes with bb,o.s and cha ching im useing a 600w hps temps 70-78,p.h. 6.8 useing home depot kellog soil cheap about $7.00u.s. for a 3.5cubeen following l.z.'s feed schedule.i will have a bud 6in. long and only a gram.wtf!
fluffy no weight buds!
wow! :| well is the strain bagseed?
and i think maybe uve dried the buds too long.. i like to hang try mine a wk then go to the cure process
2) hang the 600W a foot away from tops
3) fresh air if ya friend
fluffy no weight buds!
whats bagseed?my buds r fluffy b4 they even dry
fluffy no weight buds!
how long are you letting them flower for? bag seed is just that...seeds you get in herb you buy as opposed to seeds bought from a seedbank
fluffy no weight buds!
hmm, werid. I would agree you messed up somewhere in your flowering or drying/curing process??
do your buds look compact on your girl?? pics would be helpful.
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fluffy no weight buds!
it could be a lot of things... the original poster doesnt supply enough information, we should really make a check list that people have to fill in before we start making random stabs at the information thats missing
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fluffy no weight buds!
i just pulled them yesterday barely any triches did a quik dry to test it barely a high ican put this bud between my fingers and touch the stem whats going on?
fluffy no weight buds!
here is a pic did a quick dry to test and barely a high flowered for 72 days