Grow tent ventilation questions

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Grow tent ventilation questions
Do I need to bring in fresh air from outside if I am using a CO2 injection system? If not do I simply need to create a vent opening for fresh air to be pulled into the room when my environmental controller kicks in? I am planning upon running 2 rooms. One for veg, which will have a single can filter(carbon scrubber) with a fan attached directly inline, to pull the odorous air through the filter. I was not planning upon venting the veg room. Will this get rid of the smell? I am using a personally designed fluoro/led combo in the veg room so heat will not be an issue. Do I need to vent this room into the surrounding room if I am using CO2? For the flower room we are using 1600 watts of lighting. I am planning upon running a can filter with a fan( the exact setup as the beg) to filter the inner room air and then running another can filter with fan pulling the air through the filter then my light hoods and then exiting the room. All of this is controlled by the environment controller. Would I simply need to create a vent hole in the flower tent so that when the exhuast fan kicked on it can flow through? Will this arrangement get rid of all smell? Thanks for the help and sorry for the length of the post, just getting everything dialed in before beginning.
Grow tent ventilation questions
Simply..YES! you do need fresh air coming in at all times, wether co2 or not, air air is essental to the plants growth.

And with LZ's Quote: No air going out, you will pass out when you go in, well something like that . simply if you dont have the co2 circulating with fresh air, 100% co2 is there with no where to go, resulting in passing out!

with veg, you dont need filters, just need fresh air coming in, and stale, hot air going out.

flowering, you just need the one filter inside or outside the room (does'nt mater) taking the smelly air out, so to speak.

MAke sure that there is always air moving (circular fan) in our room, not only doe's the plant like it, but it also gives strength to the stems for some heavy bud support.

If you have the tent sussed for the temps, all you have to worry about is the watering/nutes/PH/EC, air flow and alot of love!

hope it helps and makes sence, cause im a bit pissed :lol: but im sure you get the idea :wink:
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Grow tent ventilation questions
idk my vegging plants stink 2 high heaven :D
Iam just the guy who waters them.Great Genectics, Foxfarm nutes,and Promix bx do all the work.keep the level high
Grow tent ventilation questions
I'm down w/you, Weeddog; I love 2 make the whole basement reeeeek.The smell is heavy & doesn't go upstairs unless it's really full & really hot-that tells me 2 get my ass down there & cool shit down.

I love that smell soooo much- I can even smell it on boxes in my store where I work in this one hallway it always smells like weed. :reefer