OG Kush, flowering time?

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OG Kush, flowering time?
Ive been looking all over, mayby not hard enough but, can any one give me a close guesse to how long I should let my og kush flower for. Ive read some of the other Og strains and crosses flower 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 weeks. can any one confirm. thnx XD
OG Kush, flowering time?
i did my mk ultra for 9 weeks just look at the trichomes i dont know if it will be the same for the og
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OG Kush, flowering time?
65 to 75 days indoor ADult. No doubt

Euphoric, narcotic, potent,
highly energetic
No anxiety
Long term use without
tolerance buildup
Average yield
Dense resinous buds
Kush/ hash taste

Bouquet: Sweet
Taste: Hashy “ lemon - spice

OG Kush
OG Kush, flowering time?
I didnt grow that, that is not my pic by the way, wish it was
OG Kush, flowering time?
lol, lovely pic though. hope mine look half as tasty. ive got some pics in the MJ picture forum. check them out. XD and thnx for all the info
OG Kush, flowering time?
should be on the package!!!!! it should say 55\60 days 55 days etc....
you won't find the info here cuz PS doesn't sell it!
Kush varieties are done at 55-60 days checking at 60.... could go as long as 70.... but doubt it
OG Kush, flowering time?
I dont know, i personally have never grown it, but this info came from the seed distributor. Only place i know that sells the strain securely. i just cut and paste it because i didnt want to post a link to another bank.
OG Kush, flowering time?
good boy!
Oh-- and too bad too-- thought those were your buds!! LOL!
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OG Kush, flowering time?
My Clones didnt come with any package lol, I got them from the club. not from seed XD
OG Kush, flowering time?
I wanna join your club.
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