Last few weeks before harvest

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Last few weeks before harvest
I'm now on Day 31 of flower and my buds look frosty and plants seem happy...No problems to report, Still feeding with FF Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom...but...When do i start flushing and what else do i need to do from now until harvest? is it worth it to give carbo load?...any info from here on out would be great
Last few weeks before harvest
Last few weeks before harvest
I would start giving it nothing but clean water for at least a week before you harvest and when you do cut it all down.. do it right after a dark cycle when all the nasty crap goes back down into the roots!
Last few weeks before harvest
when do i stop nutes?
Last few weeks before harvest
samson06 wrote:when do i stop nutes?
In about a week and a half.......
Depends on ya strain mate, do you know if it`s Sativa dominant(another three weeks of nute) or Indica(another week and a half)??
I would go with what V420 said.........three week flush is goooooood :Yum
Good luck with it buddy,
Last few weeks before harvest
hey m8 dont stop feeding it the last few weeks are very important for size and thc production feed it till your ready to chop when ready chop plant and leave a nice size stalk long now get a bucket of water a airstone and a pump put stone in bucket let it bubble put your plants in the water just the big stem part now flush in dark or light for 3 days now you sacrafice nothing from your plant check the tutorials lady z has a tute on emergencey flushing tells u what i explained
Last few weeks before harvest
You NEVER flush a soil grow for more than 2 weeks tops-- more- and you not only starve the plant, but lose a HUGE amount of yiled, slow bud & resin production, and CAN often end up harvesting early... how can you tell 3 weeks ahead when it will be ready?
You do NOT EVER harvest just because it saysd 60 dys to harvest and it has been in 12/12 60 days-- MANY plants go longer than the breeders estimate.
Timing when the trichomes will be ready and still have a 2 week window to flush is difficult at best...
That , and the fact that the plants put on the most bud size/weight and raise the thc/resin production the last 2 weeks of "productive" bloom is why I ALLWAYS suggest the Emergency flush.

You wait until they are ready to chop--- then flush for 3 days in 12/12 and then harvest.

Flushing means getting all nutrients away from the roots of the plant -- that forces the plant to use all the nutrients allready stored in her system (including the roots!) to produce more resins, sugars and THC.....

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Last few weeks before harvest
so just wait a few more weeks, check the trichs,if satisified, flush for 3 days in 12/12 then chop? sounds good
Last few weeks before harvest
You should read up on LZ emergency flush ... you chop and THEN flush for 3 days in a bubbler. If you are gonna flush before you chop then you should run clear water through em for about a week I think.
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Last few weeks before harvest
i dont have the means necessary for an emergency flush like going to have to just give then straight water for a week or that alright?