what can i do to increase the bud size?

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what can i do to increase the bud size?
hello all,

I need help...im currently doing indoor growing soil...and im doing the Grapefruit
I leave it for 3 weeks for the veg. and 5 weeks and 4 days...for the flower to harvest..
using the 1000 W light Philip
use H2O, GH Hydrophonic Micro, Bloom, Grow and VitaMax +, pure blend Grow n Bloom, Carboload, Montel bloom, optim grow
but the result isnt so great...does anyone have any suggestion or idea how to increase the bud size and its weight??
what can i do to increase the bud size?
Lights and nutrients impact on yeild the most.

I hope you mean a 100 watt HPS/MH and not a normal house hold light

Also I dont think your plant will be done flowering in 5 weeks. I would say more like 6-7, and you need to check the trichomes(small crystals on the buds) to make sure you harvest at the right time.
what can i do to increase the bud size?
5 weeks flower is not enough. Buds stack on the weight in the last couple weeks of flower so at 5 weeks your not allowing them to bulk up.
what can i do to increase the bud size?
are they really ready at 5 wks? i get the most bud explosion at the last 2-3 wks of flower
tried using a bigger pot yet? more root more fruit
what can i do to increase the bud size?
thanks guys!

Nutrients wise...is there like a guidline of how much to put in..like how much water...vitamax...ect.?
I guess 5 weeks is too early..im always in a rush to harvest maybe thats why...
anyone know any other kind that you can grow n harvest early?
what can i do to increase the bud size?
Most strains around wont finish in under 5 weeks. Alot of Indica's can be grown between 6-7.

You should be going by the directions on the bottle. You may not be feeding them right, or enough.
what can i do to increase the bud size?

Ok-- you can not "time" your grow that way.. especially if you want to max the yield..

#1-- they need to be MATURE to flower-- usually 5-7 weeks... often longer for sativas.. You CAN and SHOULD go 12/12 sooner if you need them to start to bloom ASAP-- but they WILL NOT bloom until THEY are chemically mature enough to do so.

#2-- once in 12/12-- they can take from several days to several WEEKS to start to bloom-- Bloom -to-harvest countdown doesn't start until small clusters of at least 3-4 calyx's start to appear.

#3-- Once they start to bloom, count the EXPECTED days to harvest (according to the breeder info) then start checking the crystals ahead of time... Use the link below for harvest info...

#4-- most important- to yield well, spend time with your plants so you KNOW when something "isn't right" so you can fix any problems asap... and always use LOT'S of the right lighting & correct nuts in the right amounts...

the links below will help ya!

NUTES and FEEDING CHART: nutes-what-to-use-and-how-to-use-em-t14033.html

GUIDE TO GROWING step-by-step-growing-faq-s-please-read-before-posting-t20217.html

Trimming Plants for better health & bigger harvest:

Harvesting, drying & curing

Harvest times by FruityBudz
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