Best way to speed up the vegging stage?

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Best way to speed up the vegging stage?
Alright well most of my plants are very young, just sprouted actually. (Because of problems at my old spot) Last year I planted late, and although they looked nice at the end, they were small. I don't want that to happen this year, but it looks like im following in the same footsteps.

I bought this nute at walmart the other day. Its NPK is only a .2-.2-.2 so idk if its any good or not, but im sure it won't hurt that bad considering its so low.

Is there any nute that will help the growing process "juice" up alittle bit? lol, in a way, like steroids for plants? Growing outside takes forever and at the rate these are growing, they will be flowering at a foot tall.
Best way to speed up the vegging stage?
for the vegatative stage you need something high in N go to the beginers board and read the stickys on feeding schedules they help a lot
Best way to speed up the vegging stage?
Nothing wrong with flowerig at a foot. That's what I alwas shoot for.

If they are outside, I dunno how to make them faster. I always just let em go. Now that I'm an insider, I know if I add shit loads of lumens at em/ they will grow faster. Can you bring them inside at night and keep some lights on em all night? If so, you'd be bound to see some improvements. Liquid karma acts like a steroid but you'll still have weeks of vegging to do. Good luck and lettuce know.
Best way to speed up the vegging stage?
there is no "make em grow faster"... if real slow-- then you are doing something wrong, if normal growth... then let her be... nature can only be fucked-with so much before she'll tell ya to piss-off and kill yer plant!

Indoors is the ONLY controled environment---
if you shoose to grow outdoors, the #1 thing you need is PATIENCE cuz they do their own thing, as long as you care for them properly, it's usually a good thing.....

They'll start blooming Mid August--- whatever size they are by then, they'll at least double by harvest.

Use decent nutes-- be sure they are watered regularly (Don't depend on nature for rain! She doesn't follow our schedules!) and protect them against all the nasties---
it's all you can do!
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