indoor start to outdoor plants

Outdoor marijuana growing. How to grow weed in the great outdoors man.
indoor start to outdoor plants
Hello everyone. i havent been on here in about a year before the other day, and havent grown anything is just over a year. while its still a long way off till my next grow--if it happens at all--i had a question for the outdoor experts. if i were to start outdoor seeds inside under flouro's, what is a good recommended length of time of growth inside to help guarentee a good set, adaptation, and survival outdoors once transplanted. i know nothing is guarenteed with planting outdoors, but im looking for a good idea.

also i don't want to be hauling a huge box of only a few plants into the wilderness as that is fairly suspicious and werid. so i guess im looking for the minimum age that is safe vs. just planting a seed or seedling outside.

oh also i was wondering with the transfer to outdoors if a fuller spectrum light like 5k would be easier to adapt to the outdoors with or if i should just go with the standard 6k + temps
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indoor start to outdoor plants
Im not an expert but I have experience with this. I grow under a 400 watt. 2 weeks before transplanting I start to introduce them to the sun, starting at about 4 hours a day, and adding an hour every other day to help harden the plants. As far as the size In my experience you can get away with relatively small plants, you just need to make sure its well protected. I wait till they are at least 5 inches tall. Make sure you surround it with wire mesh. I have the same problem balancing advantages of size with concealment. IMO it is best to do one plant at a time, its time consuming but if you can get away with it in your backpack (Which you need to rig so as not to jumble your lady).

Thats my method, like I said, I'm no expert, I rarely lose plants, but I am not getting as good of a yield as some of the other guys. I hope this helps.
indoor start to outdoor plants
thats cool. i was thinkin like 6-8" anyway, so if you do 5 minimum it sounds good to me. i also just wanted to do it as early as i could so that they dont get too used to the indoor 18+hours of light and get screwed up when they go outside.

i also agree with the low count and was thinking of doing about 2 at a time, and in different areas. just seems safer for both the plants and me. dont wanna be caught taking in or bustin out with 10+ plants at a time.

of course, considering this is all theoretical and nowhere near fruition, we'll see when it happens, if it does. as for now goes, i'll have to live off of other people's grows for a while. i think of grow setups and growrooms in my sleep, im a junkie without a fix. oh well. it sucks being sober. oh i've also only smoked about once per month for the last year as well. harsh
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indoor start to outdoor plants
Hey Cool - Hows it growin ?
Been growin for years... I consider it a priviledge not a felony....
indoor start to outdoor plants
I start mine about 6-8 weeks before i want to put them outside. They usually are anywhere from 16-24 inches tall. The sooner the better. I know VeggieGardener starts his in Decemember and he grows MONSTERS
indoor start to outdoor plants
you want them at LEAST 6-8 inches AND remember to "harden-off" the plants! That is when you only put them outside for an hour a day for a couple days, and increase the daily exposure by an hour starting the 4th day until they are out 5 hours...then plant em!

You can't just take a plant from indoors and plant it outside, or, no matter what the weather, they get sun-scald!

I recommend using HID (Metal halide) to veg them, or a good Wide-spectrum HPS-- since they are the closest thing to real sunlight...cfl's will work, but you will need a longer/slower hardening-off period.

Prep your grow-area well ahead to the ferts and amendments you use have time to start breaking down and working with the soil.

IMO--starting indoors until at least 8" is the only way to go-- you already know the plants are healthy to start with, and they are big enough to withstand a lot more of the outdoor tortures they will encounter than seedlings.

Be sure to also start spraying them for disease/bug control BEFORE you plant them outdoors!!! IF you can get some "Chi"-- use that according to directions--makes for a much more bug-resistant plant!

Good Luck hun!!!
(Nice to see ya back!)
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indoor start to outdoor plants
That last post helps me tremendously, as I am a first-timer. My only option for hardening-off is allowing the sunlight to come through an open window. I sure hope enough sunlight reaches them. I'm really not sure how much less intense the sunlight will shine through a window as opposed to outside bathing in the sun. I'd like to add a bit more time to my hardening-off period, but these babies are now 8-10" toddlers and not only do I have to harden them off yet, I also have to worry about transporting them 30 miles away in an SUV. I guess we'll see how fast these things grow. Also, how long before planting should I prep the garden? Is a week enough?

Another thing. The guy at the hydroponics store recommended the sun-blaster t-5 54W fluorescent light I bought and could have easily got me to buy a higher wattage, more expensive light but said it was unnecessary if I was putting them outside. My question is now that they are almost 10" and I have at least one week left before planting in the garden, is it helpful to get a light with higher wattage or should i be ok?
indoor start to outdoor plants
You should be fine... How are they now??

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indoor start to outdoor plants
Quick Question. What insect control spray do you recomend? I have avoided any sort of spray cause I don't want anyone smoking those chems that are in generic spray. Copper sulphate and copper metal salts arent too good for humans either. The bud eating foxes around here seem to get the munchies and eat the rabbits and other small pests so I only have to worry about the deer. But Bugs!!!!! Grasshoppers eat some of the plants that are planted along tree lines but not the plants in deep woods. And those F***ing jap beetles are a major pain. I read about some sort of garlic and kerosine spray. ????? Can you imagine how fast a joint would burn? LOL no canoe problems with that weed. Be like using fast match burns 15 inches/sec. Ah ok that wasn't funny. Just doesn't kero strip thc (leach) from the buds? Polar solvent.
My organic chem was like 30 years ago or so. Ok I have to close this I am being peeped at. Must be feeding time.
indoor start to outdoor plants
Hey Planetskunk, great to post here again :)
I was also interested in this topic couse i'm trying outdoor this summer for the first time (one indoor allready behind me). The problem is that the day starts to shorten here in about a month allready and i just planted the seeds. The shells droped this morning and they're geting nicely green :) I'm living in a 4 season climate so the night time gets cold here in late october. I feel that i'm kinda oldschool couse i have learned that never take a indoor plant outside and vice versa. I just found out about this "toughen-out" thing.. thank you very much again Lady Z :grin: and i will try it as you sayd. I have CFLs on them right now and they're doing good.
A small question too.. should i grow them indoor till they're ready for budding or till they're 8" tall.. depending on my climate :roll: This "toughen-out" topic should be a sticky post or a small tutorial.. i don't know about you guys but this seems to be bretty important stuff. Who has more experience with this be shure to let us know. Tips and tricks about moving a indoor plant outside are welcome :)
EDIT: They're under 24/7 atm to make them grow a tiny bit faster.. should i use 18/6? Maybe 24/7 will stress them out after i transplant them outside. In pots offcourse.