Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?

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Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?
Hi folks, first off let me say a big fat hello to any or the regulars out there that might remember me. It's been a while since I've been to the planet.
Anyway, just want to know if anyone has had any luck keeping a plant alive and producing reliably for multiple seasons. Outdoors in Australia.
I know people do it, but I've not had any luck keeping them alive after harvest in May/April
Anyone have any tips on how I keep a plant alive after the mature buds have been harvested? (no lights remember)
eg. I have a nice female hashbery in a big pot I want to harvest this summer (09 Australia) and let her lie dormant over winter (protected) and then put her out again next spring when the soil warms up.

Can someone give me any tips? ie, how do I best harvest/cut the plant to keep it alive?
Any special nutes or considerations to give it over winter?
How to prompt it to revege next spring ??

Any good info much appreciated.
Though I do love to grow from seed, this plant is a beauty and, as I'm only allowed 2 plants, I'd like to keep her.[color=#000040][/color]
Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?
here's what i've done and it worked for me.

when you harvest don't strip the plant of all its buds or any fan leaves. take the top colas and what you think is good for your purposes and leave a nice amount of leaves/bud on the plant. buds photosynthesize as well so use them.

this is what going to happen. the plant gets harvested and goes into shock. the leaves and bud will allow the plant to photosynthesize once more. the biggest mistake after harvesting and re-vegging is over watering. this will rot the roots and its game over. so you go super light on the watering and start off with a nice light solution of your nitrogen additive. a great product is "green stay". i dunno if you can get that in AU but its just a blessing for plants that need N or are stressed. if not then use a normal vegetative growth enhancer.

go light on these things and only water when its begging for it. you want the plant to reach out and grab available nutes and reform roots. as the seasons change you will produce new shoots and the plant will be in veg state again. i'd recommend transplanting into a larger pot if you can for the next go around.

dont do this 2 much though or the plant will sprout legs, pick itself up and come kick your ass for abuse!!!

i'd get clones as soon as its has vegged again.

cheers mate and good luck! :wink:
there is a time and a place for it... this is that time and that place.
Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?
Thanks for the advice growers, I'll try it on my hashberry for next year, it'd be criminal to let this one die off.
How's life ice2000, long time no see mate. Good to see there are some old familiar faces on this site still, same for you veggiegardener, long time no see.
Thanks again skunkers.
Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?
I agree..not not on the lenth of life..i keeped the same plant alive for 3 years of continous cycles..and it didnt effect the quality for me..idk maybe cuz im stains have always been top quality or what...but now i find myself wanting too wanting too try all kinds of strains..going too pick 4 fav strains and grow them for abit till i get tired of
Keeping a plant alive for multiple seasons?
I'm doing the same in Vegas ..plants are still to small 3 to believe bee indica are flowering the other 3 are still veging went from 7 finger tips to 3 finger tips those look like there veging but how ?there out door same time sprouted n.e clue ??
Those are indica for sure all female