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Outdoor marijuana growing. How to grow weed in the great outdoors man.
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Good bounceback, Ozzy, your babes looking nice, gotta love the Train Wreck! Yeah, whassup with that 2 tone leaf?

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cheers guys,yea not sure whats goin on with that two tone leaf, crazy huh
aint never seen that before
she got a bit of fertlizer burn,browned the ends a bit,ive picked her off got her dryin in a book :wave:
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wow some of mine are jumpin
had 3 males anyone else got some showin yet
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3 males bummer mate. sorry to here. mine showed ages ago. but i think i started a fair bit earlier hey
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sucks about the males, hopefully the rest are ladies! Next time you can grow some indoors early and figure which are your females, then plant those clones instead of seeds. They'll mature faster and grow faster, hopefully outgrowing the kanga's interest...Good luck this year! They look nice and healthy.
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ozzyoutdoors wrote:wow some of mine are jumpin
had 3 males anyone else got some showin yet

nah, mate, i put in a few seeds and a few clones, and so far all, my seed was female, except some feminized big bud seed i had grew balls, in front of my very eyes, i was pissed
he was headed down to knoxville with the weekly load,
you could smell the whiskey burning down.....

plant the seed, grow the weed, and smoke the breed..
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plants look great & love the landscape around them looks like an awesome place.
Best of luck in your grow.
Cheers Jimmy
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hey guys

been a few set backs
got no computer,she died in the heat wave
will hopefully have things sorted by the weekend
had quite a few males
but all in all there goin ok
pics on the weekend hopefully
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heres a few pics

havin a bit of trouble loadin em up with windows7
last survivin train wreck
pink pistils
afghani x