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Well after seeing that an old friend on here (M-Blaze) is back and his thread popped up again, it brought back memories of the days I grew big bitchs. So after doing some pondering, I have desided to build a bigger room and get back to growing the bigger plants.

Inspiriation by M-Blaze, lol.

The plans are to extend one of my rooms further, to a size of 4.5m long x 2.5m wide x 2.4m heigh (a rough guess, have'nt measured it yet), a very nice sized room!

I love me 400watt HPS's, but because of the size I think that 4 600HPS's would be perfect or maybe even 5? we'll see.

I will be growing only 3 plants at all times in this room (flower room), and 3 in the other room (grow room), I dont want to be getting greedy now!

on average the plants will be around a good 6ft high and 4-6ft wide. Don't know about you guys but im getting fucking excited already, lol.

ok I think that about sums it up, I will be putting up progress photo's at various stages for those of you who may want ideas for thier own grow room. I know I like to check out others for ideas all the time.

Let the fun begin

Grow, grow, grow.......then grow some more!
Ok here is the first lot of pics, you can see the old room that still has the Panda Film attatched to the walls.

I have blacked out a few things, cause of obvious reasons.

moving along quite quickly, just need a few more things to finish off the room, and then buy the 600's, which will have to wait a couple of weeks :cry:
Grow, grow, grow.......then grow some more!
:lol: (Has a giggle at title). Im lookin forward to seeing the finished product filled with a few big ass plants :bong:
Looking forward to seeing some trees in there.
hahaha yeah thought you might get a kick outa it.

I have'nt grown big bitches for awhile, and thought what the hell, getting a bit bored of growing smaller plants.

I shold be able to get the rest of the insulation today (local work sites :lmao ) to finish it off.

I'll be putting in 4 x 400's for now, untill I can get hold of the 4 x 600's. And I will put in the Aurora plants (3) and finish them off in there to get the feel of the room. Then i'll start the big bitches off!!

Tree's indeed S_C !!! :D
Grow, grow, grow.......then grow some more!
well the room is fully finished now, and their are the three Aurora plants in there. I am going to flower these one out, as I have already fliped them a week ago, so no big bitch's for this round, but next round will produce some MONSTERS!

in the pics....

1 & 2- I have attached 6mm running wire lines, so that when the plants get past the lines and in full flower, I can slide over the net in place and they can be supported. That way I can avoid breaking branches.

3- A shot of one of the two nets fully stretched out, still got to but the other one :roll: (lazy)

4- A pic of the watering and Cool air intake set-up outside of the room for easy access. Thinking of instaling a split system in the same area, but inside the room ofcourse, later on down the track.
watering and cool air intake set-up
With one of the two nets stretched out and in place
Running wire shot
Running wire shot
Grow, grow, grow.......then grow some more!
Your room is pretty bad ass too.
No longer doing it.
yeww ....cant wait to see them bloom!!
Looking forward to seeing this unfold.
Lol bnt

go big or go home lol

Nice neat setup, been a while since i seen ya big bitches at work, always thought 6ft monsters indoors was too big but you can pull em off lol

Goodluck again.....