white russian clone,harvest photos!

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white russian clone,harvest photos!
hi there,

very short grow log due to my old man borrowin my camera for his vacation lol

i mistreated this plant as i was using it to experiment with trying to slow down its growing time,also i took the cutting when the mother plant already had buds,so for awhile i didnt take off the calyxses,so it tried to bud for a couple of weeks,then i got a grip and gave it a prune

after that it grew some very strange solid leaves rather than the finger leaves,after that it grew out into a double stemmed weirdo,first photo was just after i cut one of the two stems off

this is the first time ive cloned and the first time ive used a waterfarm,had an issue with the roots blockin all the holes so one night all the clay pebbles were floating in the top,more holes were drilled and so far so good

i also had the light too close to the plant intially,so the tip and some of the top leaves look as if they have been bleached totally white

what i find interesting is white russian doesnt like to be tipped apparently,with the light burn thats sort of what i did,and the head looks pretty good to me lol

with my last wr grow i had mould issues so for this plant ive been massaging the stems to move them further out along the main cola which seems to have done the trick

sorry if the photos are a bit crap,i cant move the plant at all,hence all the wool tying it up to keep it straight,when i cut it i should be able to take some better shots in normal light

ahh one other thing,im a big believer in playing music while my plants are growing,ive got a ipod dockin station that i leave on in the room while we are at work,i make up playlists put the ipod on shuffle and off we go

on my last grow the plants mainly listened to system of a down,wolfmother,black keys,white stripes,queens of the stone age,nirvana,led zep,black mountain to name a few

this grow its been mostly electro,whodini,rockers revenge,herbie hancok,grandmaster flash and the furious five,hasiim stuff like that with some gill scott herron,curtis mayfield,roy ayers,marvin gaye duets thrown in for good measure

next set of clones are gonna get drum and bass and dub reggae

right ive bored you all have a great day/night
clones 004.jpg
clones 002.jpg
weird clone.jpg
fcuk the animals noah,they can swim,get those 2 plants in from under this deluge
white russian clone,harvest photos!
done,thanks to nws's advice regarding pruning this is the first grow of mine where every bud on the plant is smokeable,no lime green lower buds or small fluffy ones
finished 009.jpg
finished 006.jpg
finished 007.jpg
finished 004.jpg
finished 002.jpg
fcuk the animals noah,they can swim,get those 2 plants in from under this deluge