Yellow spots on leaves

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Yellow spots on leaves
I think this is a common problem...ive been looking around the site for an answer but since i have down syndrome i cant find it :x . I have yellow spots on some of my leaves. They are 29 days old. They are in 5 gallon pots and currently being l.s.t. I have 8 plants (mazar and bluemoonshine) and not all of them have it but most do some only small spots but some bigger. They arent on every leaf on the plant just a few on each. Im using foxfarm soil. i started neuts. (fox farm neuts.) about a week ago. Watered them the first time half strength then i watered them a few days later full strength then i just gave them water (more than usual to semi flush them). The ph when it comes out of the sink or tub is 8.5 so i have to use ph lower so idk how im gonna flush the pots. But any way back to the yellow spots on my leaves. I used to have fungus gnats but i put a layer of sand on top of the soil and they went away so idk if the spots could be from that or possibly a neut. burn. Ill try to put pics up but idk if i can. When i water them i use ph lvl any where from 6.2 to 7.2 roughly. Ummm...i think thats all the stuff i was supposed to answer in the read this thing on the forum....They are in veg......Please help...How worried should i be? is this a big problem?
Yellow spots on leaves
educated gues...pottassium possibly calcuim defficiency
Yellow spots on leaves
if when you fed your plants half strength for the first time was the first feeding the plants recieved then its quite possible you have nute burn.

work you way up from 1/4 strength nutes when feeding to allow the MJ plant to get accustomed to the food it has to uptake and increase the amount over time i.e. a week.

feed them 1/4 strength every 3rd watering. do that for 2 or 3 feedings then up it to half strength every 3rd watering.

from there feed it 2 or 3 feedings of half dose and up it a bit more and repeat until you achieve full strength.

hope this helps 8)
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Yellow spots on leaves
Thanx for the help
Yellow spots on leaves
Feeding amounts and schedule depends on the kind of nutes and size of plants and the kind of soil or hydro system you use.... and yellow spots can also be from something sprayed on the plant, ph fluctuation (even in soil) or even what is called "gold-spot blight" which is a fungus.

BUT: It does sound as if your ph is off (get a meter or test kit) and only use Fox farms according to the feeding chart at the top of this board..

Even if you have downs syndrome, you are obviously able to read and write well enough to post this, and you can read and understand enough to read the announcements and stickies at the top of the forums... go to the beginners board !
Everything you need is in those announcements & stickies--- even a chart for using Fox Farms!
NEVER fertilize more than once a week... just go see the chart---K?

Good Luck Hun!
;) LZ
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Yellow spots on leaves
Thanx for the help LZ i am a big fan....i dont actually hav down syndrome (fyi)
Yellow spots on leaves
aBadMan wrote:Thanx for the help LZ i am a big fan....i dont actually hav down syndrome (fyi)

Yellow spots on leaves
wats AADD?
Yellow spots on leaves
theyre messing with you. she knows ur not a downey, and hes talking about ADD.
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