Young Plants With Curling Leaves

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Young Plants With Curling Leaves
Hi, I`m growing Great White Shark in soil and the leaves have started curling up slighlty and one curls down.

Could this be something to do with nutes ? i gave them the slightest drop .

Or is it wind burn or a heat issue ?

600w hps

Cheers Marvel
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
wow some of my plants are the same i have fed them super thrive with every water should i stop with this also im para about how much i should feed them every day or every other day i really need some help as i have a big room and have about 30 od plants in there how far should my 600 light be from them as well help me my growing friends and i will love u forever
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
It's fine, At this stage of life, they like to do weird things now.
Don't freak out and don't try to fix, just let it go and in a week or so, you'll see that it's fine.

Although, they do look hungry, looking a little yellow.
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
so u think all is well then i will leave it 4 a couple more weeks and send u some different pics should i only give them water and leave the super thrive feed out then as there only in there 2nd week cheers guys
my plants 001.jpg
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
these have yellow spots on the leaves
my plants 002.jpg
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
i will have better pics next time do u think i have any thing to worry about as im para should stop smoking really cheers guys
my plants 003.jpg
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
Thx Redbud you have put my mind to rest, And to MYSTERIOUS LEVE go jack someone elses post lol and get you light lower there stretching :)
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
Hey Marvel..

I made the same post about six weeks ago. One seedling of the same age was doing exactly the same thing. I am on the verge of sexing them and they grew huge.

They have had their own problems here and there (from my own noob errors) however as 2dogs (i think) told me, its common for some seedlings to do weird things like that.

In short, there's nothing wrong with them

P.s. say goodbye to the premiership trophy this year. Blue ribbons will adorn its handles once again
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
Marvel-- I am helping someone start a gre\ow--and one seedling was curling down so much the tips of the leaves touch the stem!
Yours look real good & no worries hun!

Mysterious Leve--
you are hijacking---make your OWN post.....
and get MORE and better lights on your plants--babies need lots of BLUE spectrum light (either floro, CFL or MH) not red/orange.... thats why they are so stretched!
No need for revenge, just sit back and wait.
Those who have hurt you will screw eventually themselves; and if you are lucky, God will let you watch!

Through What we create- we are immortal.
Young Plants With Curling Leaves
Thx for your replys, i will try not to worry so much in the future :)

P.s. You might get your ribbons on the carling cup this year but dont worry theres always next year :D