Best seeds to grow under cfl

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Best seeds to grow under cfl
I've been growing for a year now,just a few plants at a time, and i'm getting to the end my original seeds. So as its time to get some new ones which ones will give the best results under cfl. I'm growing in soil, perlite, compost mix with fish blood and bone as my nuites. I've had varying success so far and wont to improve on the next grow year. Any suggestions would be welcome. Sorry about the spelling and grammer
Best seeds to grow under cfl
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Best seeds to grow under cfl
If cfls are all ya got, ya may wanna either stick to auto-flowering strains, or go 12/12 from sprout on normal strains IMO if ya wanna get more under the light. Well, that is unless you have a LOT of lumens of cfls. Then you can do whatcha want. :mrgreen:
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Best seeds to grow under cfl
White shark, white rhyno, pure afghani,
Best seeds to grow under cfl
Check out Macgyvers grow. It is under cfl's and he is killing it...

I too have NL under a cfl and if is ripping along in veg. Not too sure if I will stick to it for bloom or put the hps in. 30 degrees celcius days may make the decision for me though.
Best seeds to grow under cfl
If cfls are all ya got, ya may wanna either stick to auto-flowering strains,

Hmm nope, I dont think so. Auto flowering plants need more light than regular plants to do well. :)

I would go with anything thats as close to a pure indica as I could. Cause sativas need HEAPS of light.
Best seeds to grow under cfl
cfl's...... how many real watts of cfl's dyu have ive been growing with them for years the best yield i had was with 150w 2700k cfl + 150w 6500k cfl real watts not equivalent growing white skunk strain from white label total weigh in was jus over 3 oz's the pic is on here somewhere, these light were called envirolites.
Best seeds to grow under cfl
sativa plants need more space to stretch out and also they take longer to finish.
I had just one sativa plant outdoors last year, and it was weeks behind the others, did not even start to flower, at the end of october.

I use CFLs since late 2009.

Mounting the lamps to the sides, not to the top, increases branching, while the top can be cut off after a while.

I have excellent results with lowryders, which I am currently re-vegging, so maybe they are not true autoflowering lowryders anymore, since they are from 2nd generation seeds.

However, they stay very compact, branch out a lot and they grow very fast, 2x to 3x that of my current main plant (which is kind of an Orange Bud/Lebanese Red mix).

What I experienced is that 150w or 200w CFL will cause problems after a while, lack of light, stunted grow and spidermites, so I installed more CFLs recently, about 400w now.

I had some Early Girl plants last year, they remained small, and also two indoors plants (CFL) remained small, did not branch, and they also did not revegetate. I think it's their genetics.

I think you could grow any strain under CFL except pure sativas, as they need far more space. If you grow a regular strain expect it to fill out at least 1m x 1m x 1m, if you let it branch freely, and if the container is large enough. Actually I used the space under the branches to grow additional, smaller plants.
Best seeds to grow under cfl
CFL's are fine-- but work best with Indica-dominant plants that stay short... and a strain that is 'resistant"...
such as Pure Indica, a Kush strain, Hash Crosses, etc...
use enough bulbs- and you'll have a decent grow!

CFL Rhino.jpg
CFL Rhino week 5.jpg
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Best seeds to grow under cfl
Thanks for the help guys. I think i'll go with the pure strains. As for how much light i have, about 200 -300 watts per plant and 2 - 3 plants. On the last grow i used cheap growbags as the height of my grow room is a bit restricted but had pest trouble from the start so will either go back to soil perlight mix or buy better bags :) and fish blood and bone for the nuits. any way i'll let you know how i go on the next one. Which i'll be starting as soon as work stops bum raping me and I have 5 minutes ttfn