im thinking of doing a SoG grow next time round and just wondering which strains perform best in a SoG grow and which strains you guys recommend.

Just going to throw this out there and say I would guess any indica or indica dominate strain. I personally would go for the ones with the kick.I guess ya could do it with any strain, and how much time ya wanted to put into it. I mean I think ya can have a 7week indiac sog or a sativa 11 week sog. I think its all about the space and throwing the plants into an early flower, to utalize the space.Peace

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yer true..but just some strains are more of a donkey dick strain kinda thing..and i think its best to have a donkey dick pheno to do sog

i use CHRONIC myself in my sog ... nice little girls .. clones nicely in a week ... perfect for me ... but in the past have used early girl and white widow ...

Because of flipping the lights early creates the donkey dick, less branching occures ,I like the mazar.

If my penis is 12" long. Is it a Foot?


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