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    Well we are always looking at ways to better our garden.
    Well introducing the Coliseum this uses vertical grow technology there is a full manual you can download from the site. ... duct=Colis

    These Coliseum's arnt for sale in australia yet but after recieving some emails from the company im told there looking for hydro shops in aus now to distribute there product.They have promised these should be available by mid year.

    Vertical bed systems give roots lots of space and are very easy to grow in.
    Coliseum are based on SOG type plants. Both systems require a plant of 14 to 18 inches for best results..

    Basically once there rooted there thrown straight into flower.

    One of the major down falls would be plant numbers this can be very dangerous in some states.
    From the mj grows ive seen with this product a 300 site coli with 3kw of light and poor ventalation,and 70 odd plants at the top not getting enough light due to the lack of a light mover they produced 10lbs so with improvements this weight could easily go up to 15 pounds per 3kw light which are huge numbers.

    If you cant wait for them to get get here you can order them from over seas but shipping would be something like an extra $900. I have been informed if you can find a hydro shop willing to order for you the company will cover the shipping, for the first one shipped to oz.

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