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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by conersuer, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. conersuer

    conersuer New Member

    I have been wordening what is the best kind of heater i could i get to put on wall or hang from ceiling. by wall i got some rails two of them with 2ft arms two get the heater away from wall the rails are 5ft long so i can keep itjust above plants or where ever i should any info on heater &should i keepjust above plants or where? thanks you for any info. and the controller room 7.5 ft tall how high should it be thanks. :? :? :?
  2. efc

    efc New Member

    i wouldnt use a heater m8 your lights will create enough heat, avrage room temps are around 60 , you should be fine with the heat from the lights
  3. greentoes

    greentoes New Member

    Not sure if ya need a heater either, but if ya do , put it near the ground. Heat rises, U don't want to heat from the top down.Peace
  4. James25

    James25 New Member

    i use a thermostatically controlled oil filled electric heater for times when it's to cold in my room...40 usd home depot
  5. James25

    James25 New Member

    its electric.....shaped like an old fashioned radiator...you can set it so it cycles on and off and never really gets hot to the touch


    here it is
  6. Lady Zandra

    Lady Zandra New Member

    temps at 60???
    They should never be below 70f-- and stay between 70-85max.....
    at 60f growth slows and the plants may stunt due to retarding of root growth....
    ever notice heat mats for plants?? They are used because the soil/water should stay around 70-75f.... if your air temp is 60f... aint gunna happen.
  7. conersuer

    conersuer New Member

    Thanks for pic james25 that helps a lot. was still looking for it hd got just about all heaters gone, but i can go on line & look for it. 8)
  8. James25

    James25 New Member

    crunk it coner....ladyz is spot on.....as always.....
  9. greentoes

    greentoes New Member

    R the higher temp used to compensate the lower temps? Or is that the norm? Seems a bit high. Peace

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