how much light does mj need

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by foo_bird, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. foo_bird

    foo_bird New Member

    i know pot loves the sun but will grow in the shade
    I've heard that an hr of full sun is all it really takes
    an that does ok with indirect sun light
    I'm trying to plan a small out door grow till I can get
    set up inside here anything that looks like pot will
    get checked out I've got some ideas but they all
    will have the plants shaded the best one will give the plant
    30-35% of full sun all day how much light is not enought ?

    thanks for any help

  2. love420

    love420 New Member

    ok i might be wrong with this because this was explained to me when i was about 13(many many years ago). but a shaded area is only shaded from visible light. the light spectrum that plant use hit the leave only a portion of that spectrum is obsorbed by the plant... the rest goes right through and will be used by plants underneath in. thats why in the woods, where not a lot of visible shine through, some plants are still able to survive. now tree trunks will block out the light that the plants need and probably kill them but vines and bushed would probably ok. remember i could be wrong so you should look into it more. as soon as lz get to this thread though it should be sorted out
  3. Tripp

    Tripp New Member

    Dear foo_bird,

    I'm not an outdoor grower. Heck, I'm barely an *indoor* grower! :) But I looked in my reference books and came away with these tidbits:

    from Jorge Cervantes "Indoor/Outdoor Grower's Bible"

    "The best way to control temperature outdoors is to plant in the right place. Normally hot temperatures are common during midday in full sun. Cannabis virtually stops grwoing at 85F (29C). If you are planting in a hot climate, make sure plants receive filtered sunlight during the heat of the day. Also, plant them in natural breezeways so a breeze will cool them during the heat of the day." --also--

    "Plants need a minimum of five to six hours of sunshine a day. Scout sites in the winter and try to visualize how the trees will cast shadows during the summer months. Remember that the sun takes a higher path in the spring and summer. Five hours of direct midday sun per day is essential for acceptable growth. More is better. Rocky terrain, hillside terraces, and grasslands all receive good amounts of sunlight."

    I hope this helps!

  4. foo_bird

    foo_bird New Member

    thanks for the reply's 420 and tripp
    here's what I was thinking
    pot thieves are more of a problem
    here then the law so if i take a 55gal
    drum drill enough holes so 30-40% of
    the light hitting the drum will get inside
    i could have a crop this year and another
    55gal drum on my land won't be noticed
    its only a stop gap set up when I get the
    house finished it'll have an indoor grow room
    being disabled it's taking a lot longer lol
    but growing under a barrel is doable now
    and i need my meds I'll let you know how
    it works

    grow well
  5. conersuer

    conersuer New Member

    i have been growing outdide for many years. i have never grew mj in 55 gal drum would seem to cook them but you never know.but far as sun light goes moring sun is the best 6 to 8 hours then good filter sun the rest of the day it seem to be the best. but if you got people takeing your mj i would find a new spot till i got done with my indoor room.i know what you mean about takeing a lot of time i'm on disabilty to. got a veg room been working on last year just got to get the right temp rooms done,may have to put a a/c unit in. just went thru my 28 surgery dec of 08 had a hip replacement. good luck to you. thiefs are good for one thing compost i hate a thief they don't even trust each other.
  6. redhair420

    redhair420 New Member

    Hey foo- I have successfully grown mj on my patio that is covered with tinted polycarbonate roof panels. They only allow 65-75% of filtered light in. The grow made it to the hall of Herb...
    So it definitely can be done without full sunlight.
    Hope this helps!

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