How to repair broken branches or stems

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  1. herbalicous

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    Its happened to every grower at one time or another, you're working away taking care of your plants when all of a sudden you find a busted branch. What do you do? Chop it off, leave it alone and let it continue growing or try and restore it to its former glory? If you want to fix something like this then here is a trick I use to help a plant heal broken or bent stems. It's simple and 100% effective.

    First find yourself some solid copper wire or something similar, twist the wire into a loose spiral shape and wind it careful around the damaged area, like in the image below. Carefully tighten the spiral around the stem just enough to support it. Because you're using a spiral shape, the copper wire will expand as the stem gets thicker without accidentally ring barking your plant.

    Repair complete! After 2 weeks the damaged area will be strong enough to support itself and you can remove the cooper wire or leave it in place till harvest time comes around.

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  2. field_of_light

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    Also....if you think of splinting someones leg try the same principle on the mj.....get two matches or splints and place on either side of the broken branch and using green wire tie carefully wrap the wire tie around to secure them in place....check after a week or so....I find they usually support themselves after a week or so......
  3. dookie

    dookie New Member

    cool! i'll have to remember that, :slapper
  4. KU-Bud

    KU-Bud New Member

    i just wrap CLEAR cellotape round the broken bit six days later i took it of it had swollon and fix stronger than what it was in the first place
  5. chevyman420

    chevyman420 New Member

    McDonalds has pretty fat straws. It works great! I broke a main shoot on a plant so I grabbed the mickeyDs cup from the counter, took out the straw and cut an inch off of it, then cut down one side so that the stem could be placed in the straw! It works.
  6. herbalicous

    herbalicous New Member

    not a bad idea chevyman420. :)
  7. chevyman420

    chevyman420 New Member

    Yea. Its not a bad way to do it. I broke a good size shoot on my homies plant about 4 inches from the tip, so I put the straw on it and in 2 days it was fine.
  8. Trippa

    Trippa New Member

    yeah the straw thing works very well......
  9. dubman

    dubman New Member

    I fixed 2 plants i broke on purpose with straws slit down the middle. I agree with the above it works well. Now the plants have big knotts on the stems and they stoped stretching and just started buddin up!

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