Orange spice from Dman info please.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds & Cannabis Strains' started by Pseudonaja, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Pseudonaja

    Pseudonaja New Member

    Anybody got any pics or info about this strain? I've only found Dman's original review so far, and thats got no pics.

    Cheers all
  2. cisumevil

    cisumevil New Member

    Might be able to get a pic!

    Big leaves, she stretches a fair bit in 12/12 but can finish as quick as 45days in some pheno's!

    A super resinous Double G (G13xHP x Gum13HP) female, was crossed with a stocky, trichome coated White Widow Male via Dutch Passion!

    This cross results in a Hybrid that yields super sticky flowers, with a delicious citrus aroma in 50-55 days. OS is a great strain for SOG, as they're mostly columnar... so pack'em in! When it comes to feeding, Orange Spice is a medium to high feeder, with an above average yield!

    This is from a friend growing "Orange Spice" atm.....

    "But wat it lacks in yeild it's certainly, MORE than making up for in resin production. It's gonna be sweeeeeeeeeet! Smell is beutiful, buds r solid tight as! Gona be a bit of a lunglocker I'm predicting. It clones, but the clone hasn't sprung away like all the others. So it isn't a viable mother for cloning"
  3. Pseudonaja

    Pseudonaja New Member

    Lol, Dejavu

    Warning, Super high image quality.Broadband only!!

    "Orange spice" At 40days without any bloom enhancers. Thrive flower and fruit only.

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  4. cisumevil

    cisumevil New Member

    Hey Pseudonaja :D

    Dejavu indeed!

    Lovely pic mate!
  5. Pseudonaja

    Pseudonaja New Member

    Cheers dude, but I got a bit to learn about organic soil me thinks. I feel as though I've let the plants down, by not allowing them to succeed their full potential. But never the less, a nice wee sample.

    P.S. That isn't by any means the whole plant. Just thought I'd make that clear incase, well u know
  6. cisumevil

    cisumevil New Member

    Shit I never realised you made this thread!!!!

    Teach me NOT to

    So I answered your own Question with your own comments..... Haha lol

    Blame it on the CS :)
  7. SaMokinTheGreens

    SaMokinTheGreens New Member

    I just harvested about 28 ounces off of 9 plants. I currently have about 12 fem seeds and one Orange Spice mother plant. Got lucky got 13 seeds from 9 plants. Need to keep this beautiful strain going. Had awesome reviews with my last grow. I will post pictures when I can. :rauch04: :thumbs-up:

    Check out this video on YouTube: Orange Spice

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