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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by silkysmooth, Nov 7, 2009.

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    One of the unanswered questions for the beginner is what size net pots to grow a good size crop. I've read people using aeroflo systems and they utilize 3" net pots which are very close together. How can one properly manage to grow a large crop yet still allow light to penetrate the canopy. Secondly, if one was to design and build their own system how deep will roots grow. Is there a minimum space requirement under net pots for ideal root growth? Will roots just spread sideways? I would imagine the less depth you have, and the more roots spread out, and if it's an NFT setup, your possibly going to be drowning your root system as the plants mature. So how much space is required for free root growth in a hydroponic or aeroponic system?
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    i had come across this post where this guys put marbles at the bottom of his pot for the root

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