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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds & Cannabis Strains' started by jobby2812, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. jobby2812

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    Basically I was wondering how long it took for a seed to mature after the plant has been pollenated. Just wondered how long you others have left the seeds to mature before harvesting. Mine will be 5 weeks since pollenating the plant this weekend coming and I wondered if that would be long enough. I am growing a Lowryder plant.
  2. Draig

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    Hey Jobby, They may be ready, it can take up to about 3 to 6 wks depending the strain. though. but I'm not sure about LR.. I think the best way is to grow em till harvest.. cure em as usual. the seeds are easier to collect with less damage to trichs its all about timing.
  3. jobby2812

    jobby2812 New Member

    Thanks Draig. I will give them until the end of the week then just to be sure. I know they didn't look ready when I harvested. The pods were swollen but only just starting to spilt open with a white seed inside. Now I can't tell because of the new growth. I just didn't want to take it down to realise they could have done with another week.
  4. potty

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    I normally break one off and take a look around the time I think they will be ready,if not leave them a bit longer.

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  5. jobby2812

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    Wow Potty that pic is brilliant. Thanks for the advise. I am just going to chop probably tonight. It was 5 weeks yestarday when I applied the pollen. My problem now is that since the new growth I have lost where the seeds are. I think I am just going to take the gamble that they are ready. Thanks again.
  6. jobby2812

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    Well after finally doing the chop I had a good look and managed to find a swollen pod. I pulled it off the plant and had to open it myself as there was no sign of the seed. To my surprise I actually found a mature looking seed. Like I said it was 5 weeks yestarday since I pollenated the branches. I know there should be another 5 seeds at least from what I could see after 3 weeks. Fingers crossed. I am going to dry the plant out before I go looking for any more seeds.

    Thanks again Draig for the advise and potty for that brilliant picture. As you can see my pic isn't as good but it will give you an idea anyway.

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  7. love420

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    damn what kind of camera do ou have

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