Whats a Safe way to keep a male plant?

Discussion in 'Breeding & Hybridization' started by riftcore, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. riftcore

    riftcore New Member

    I would like to keep one or possibly two male plants, I am just worried about pollinating my girls on accident. I had considered taking cuttings off of the two males I chose and flowing them as clones, and then stuffing their whole carcass in a mason jar for storage and later use. If I have the clones under a humidity dome, on 12/12, should I be relatively safe, or what other options can I consider. I do not need to breed really, just doing it mainly as a side project, but I cannot let it ruin my harvest and final yield.

    Just sorta curious, how risky exactly it is to keep a male or two around, if I keep them separated, and take sanitation precautions.
  2. HeroHater

    HeroHater New Member

    In an enclosed space miles from your females. Pollen can travel far and wide
  3. HeroHater

    HeroHater New Member

    Firstly you would not want the clones to root and 12/12 wouldn't be the best 24/0 or 18/6 will be better

    If the males you wish to clone are already in flower for a week + they could possibly flower producing a tiny cluster of flowers when rooting as they go back to veg mode.

    What your considering will work and the humidity dome will help contain the pollen.

    You dont need the whole carcase just the pollen from the opened flowers
  4. riftcore

    riftcore New Member

    Sounds good, just kinda curious about it. I am mostly going to stick with cloning my girls, but I thought, if not to risky, it would be nice to get some seeds produced as well. Maybe next year when I can afford better safety protocols.
  5. Dr Evil LLC

    Dr Evil LLC New Member

    Pollen's cousin is Murphy.
    Of Murphy's Law fame.

    Keep only one flowering male plant at a time.
    Keep them outside away from anything indoors.
    Wash yourself thouroghly before handling females while in the midst of flowering males.
    Pollen can hang out until the ladies are ready.
    I collect the pollen in a dry glass jar. I do not let any males see any females, we do the pollination by hand.

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