How To Use CFL to Grow Marijuana

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How To Use CFL to Grow Marijuana
Keep seeing the question "how many do I use"??
The usual answer (and is right-- but not entirely helpful) As Many as You Can!

Often called "energy saving bulbs" CFL's use less wattage, put out little heat and are easy to find... but are NOT as efficient as HPS/MH... BUT ARE better than traditional "tube" flourescents...AND you CAN get a decent grow from them IF you use enough!

Heres a pretty easy way to figure the bare minimum in CFLs for your grow--start to finish....

never use any output smaller than 100w...
it's a waste of $$ and not efficient (uless ya allready have em-- then do the math and use the equivelent!)

sprouts to 3 leafers--2 for up to 6 sprouts
3 leafers till 10-12 inches--1 per plant
10-12 inches till they go 12/12-- 2 per plant
12/12 till harvest-- 3 per plant, additional side/back lighting helpful

OR get the BIG CFL's That are 100-150w useage 500-600w output in a decent reflecter (These do NOT fit in household or regular fixtures!
You MUST get the special ones made just for them!) ...
and use 1 for every plant... pricey tho---

Below you can see some grows using CFL's and CFL's with Floro tubes ... they can work if ya use enough of em!

CFL Rhino week 5.jpg
floro grow2.jpg
Floro grow 1.jpg
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
Thats very helpful. You are correct, The larger cfls require a built in ballast to run them. So you must read the bulb package to see if it can be used in a regular 120volt socket. Great post.
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
FellowTraveller wrote:The larger cfl's have the ballast built in the same way the smaller ones do. They do however require a mogul socket. A mogul socket is simply larger, and rated for the voltages required when used with an hid. If a person were of a mind to do so, they could wire directly to the contact on the cfl bulb and use no socket at all. (Not recommended.)

The fixture that I took apart had a small ballast in the upper canopy, and did have a standard socket, not mogul. It was a home depot product, the bulb was HUGE though. The replacement bulbs were for their cfl series of yard lites. Made the mistake of buying one of the replacement bulbs, it screwed into a regular socket, then blew up! $26 bucks down the drain. lol
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
Lady those specs are with 100w cfls?
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
I got some 42W usage CFL's from Walmart that say 2700 lumens output and fit into normal household light sockets. Sorry can't link as this is my first post on the site.

I've got 2 plants growing inside under 4 of those and another 6 growing good outside. Hope my first grow goes well. Good luck growing to ya'll.

How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
Here's a 420 watt output full spectrum CFL that fits in a regular light socket in the U.S. It's $29.95. I can't use MH or HPS because my growroom is too hot. I am going to grab two of these and use my 100 watt output CFLs for side lighting.
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
Nice find! :D
How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
Because CFLs are much more efficient at converting electricity to light, their Watts rating is much lower than ordinary bulbs for the same amount of light produced.

The table below gives approximate comparisons between ordinary light bulbs and CFLs based on equivalent levels of light output.

Ordinary light bulb vs. Low energy CFL

25 W = 5 W
40 W = 7 - 10 W
60 W = 11 - 15 W
100 W = 20 - 25 W
150 W = 32 W
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How To Use CFL's to Grow MJ.....
ya i got that site on fav's thanks guys