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Molasses is thick syrup by product from the processing of the sugarcane or sugar beet into sugar.

Molasses can be used throughout the whole flowering stage. Some grower prefer to only use molasses during the last 3 weeks.

The ratio per gallon is 1-2 tablespoons, but can be changed due to certain conditions.

Molasses can be used for soil and hydro.

In an experiment Jorge Cervantes had done "the buds swell about 20% when sugar is added to irrigation water during the last four weeks of flowering".

Over-applying molasses will not make buds swell any more, and if over-applied could bring insects to your garden.

A 32 oz bottle of Molasses is about $7.
a bottle of blackstrap molasses
Great info. I've been reading journals and people say they use Molasses the last 3 weeks. It would leave me in utter confusion. This clears everything up!!

thanks! :slapper
I'll vouch for it.....
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Canna do a product called pk13-14, which is added in the last 3-4 weeks, but only for 1 week, this has the same effect, so is molasses high in pk??

Also quite cheap, £12 bottle will last me 5 grows easily, probably 8.

Justan alternative possibility.

heres a few things you need to know, if marijuuana is the weed you
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yep...i use it and my plants like it
I agree, my plants are doing wonderful and have been using molasses since the beginning of flowering. Currently am using 1 TBS per gallon and plan to continue until the flush~
i kno growers that use it in veg and swear by it. they say it has alot of sugars and has some nutrients such as potassium. they say it makes the plants heartier, stems thicker, etc.
Here's another 'testimonial' for yas, :) been using 'Brer Rabbit unsulfered Blackstrap Molasses' or 'Grandma's' at 1tbs/gal only in flower-stage week 1 through next to last week - the closer you use it to harvest the more chance of it affecting taste, but even then it doesn't taste bad just camouflages the natural taste some, it works great and the plants give you the 'love' back :grin:
grow safe...
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Ya i use Brer Rabbit also. If you're going to use molasses, make sure it is unsulfured blackstrap molasses. I've used it in almost every grow around the 4th week of flowering and I swear I wake up the next day and my plants are usually covered in crystals. I've been using from week 1 of flowering this time so I'm interested to see how it turns out. Use it. Love it. Smoke it.