Soma Style Growing Modified

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Soma Style Growing Modified
I recently designed a flowering bed following blueprints by Soma of Soma Seed co. After a few grows using this new bed style of planting, I've decided to make some modifications and design a smaller version of this great idea.

First I'll show you the larger design I built following Somas' grow book, "Organic Marijuana, Soma Style" Recommended read for organic growers.Then a step by step of my newest attempt.

Materials needed:

1. 10-15 gallon plastic nursery pot w/drain holes.
2. Root Felt material..
3. Plastic coated chicken wire..
4. 2-3" PVC..
5. Hydroton lava rocks..
6. 2 1/2" flathead screws..
7. Screw gun, drill bit..
8. Medium of choice.

1ST: I always clean everything involved, usually with soap and water, then spritz with a light bleach solution and rinse. Inspect plastic planter, sometimes drain holes are not cutout properly and need a few more added.

2ND: Cutout a piece of felt slightly larger then bottom and install, this will keep the hydroton rocks from falling thru the large drain holes repeatedly.

3RD: Install root blocking felt and Hydroton rocks on top.

4TH: Install 2 PVC air tubes opposite one another. You want the base pushed just a 1/4" into the hydroton rocks. Secure at top with 1/2" screws. Drilling a pilot hole makes this much easier.

5TH: Cut to fit and install plastic coated chicken wire directly on top of the hydroton rocks. Be sure to fit tightly around base of PVC tubes.

6TH: Install a 2nd piece of root blocking felt on top of the chicken wire again cutting it as close as possible. Use the PVC tubes to mark out the cutouts before hand assures of a proper fit.

7TH: I now install 2inches of Coirbrick-(Coconut Husk) spread it out carefully so as not to move the root felt.

8TH: Fill to within 2" of rim with your favorite Organic medium.

Suggestion Organic growing you really feed the medium and not so much the plant. Begin using foods with Mycorrhizae Inoculants and bio accelerators a week prior to planting to establish a happy productive medium. (Foxfarms' Ocean Forrest soil contains this)
Install felt and tuck tightly...jpg
Install your pre-cutout root blocking felt ontop of the plastic coated chicken wire.
Install PVC breather tubes with small screws at top, medium will hold base in.  Put chicken wire in also...jpg
Install chicken wire and PVC breather tubes..
2in PVC, plastic coated chicken wire, root felt and line bottom 2in with hydroton rocks.jpg
Hydroton rocks installed to cover the bottom 2" of the bucket...
1gal of nutes on left and half gallon pot on right to give perspective ....jpg
I put a 1gallon jug of Foxfarm food on the left and a 1/2 planter on the right with Aurora Indica clone to give a size perspective..
Experimenting with new bed style of growing by Soma...jpg
A past grow shows the 1st grow bed I made. 20 x 20 x 24High.
Soma style growing modified.......
continued: ................................ :-) ....................................................................................................................... :D ...............
All I need now is my order of  VOODOO from planet skunk...jpg
Fill remainder of planter with your medium.. Using Plant Success, Earth Ambrosia & Earth Nectar along with superthrive and Thrive Alive B-1 to jump start the medium and bring it to life a week prior to planting anything.
Mix medium thoroughly.jpg
Important to mix ingredients thoroughly
My current mix of things: Coirbrick, Foxfarm's Light Warrior, Perlite, black peat from brick & Budswel guano..
Spread Coirbrick out evenly..jpg
Spread the 2 inches of Coirbrick out carefully to avoid moving the root felt..
Use a wooden spoon to get it in and around the PVC tubes if needed..
Trace PVC onto felt to assure a tigt fit cut..jpg
Make life easy on yourself, use the PVC breather tubes to trace out cut outs on the root felt..
Soma style growing modified.......
I am currently waiting on two orders to arrive. So, which ever gets here 1st
will be going into the new 15 gallon grow bucket...

........... :-) ..Hashberry from Mandala Seed Co.
........... :-) ..Voodoo from Dutch Passion seeds.

All we can do now is waiT.......... :-D .............

Soma style growing modified.......
Nice set up bender , just one question. How does the water that makes it to the stones evaporate? or does it just sit there?Or is that what the pipes R for? Basically its just taking the holes from the bottom and using the pipes for evaporation? Nice job Buddy
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Soma style growing modified.......
great little tute, but what are the pipes used for?

seems to me it would be alot easyier to just cut a few drainage holes, in the bottom...

because you cant rely on the water evaproating through them tubes???

can you give more infor in this method of bedding...
Soma style growing modified.......
nice lil setup bender
Iam just the guy who waters them.Great Genectics, Foxfarm nutes,and Promix bx do all the work.keep the level high
Soma style growing modified.......
greentoes wrote:Nice set up bender , just one question. How does the water that makes it to the stones evaporate? or does it just sit there?Or is that what the pipes R for? Basically its just taking the holes from the bottom and using the pipes for evaporation? Nice job Buddy

IN the original design by Soma, the box is lined with 3ml thick plastic or better, no drain holes. Well, I believe his boxes are outdoors allowing for better evaporation as my medium was a bit too moist in the lower area when I inspected it after harvesting the N.L.
Thus, my reason for designing this to fit my needs. So, I did include drain holes in the 15 gal bucket. However, the PVC supplies oxygen right to the area where the plants roots will meet the root cloth,Mmmm-good stuff- and also airates the hydroton rocks which inturn traps air as it is designed to to.
. This along with my loamy type organic medium should get the results I'm shooting for. And, When growing aeroponics, organics or just good ole dirt, one if the biggest challenges is getting air to the roots... I believe this is Soma's intentions in his design and that I am following the main theory in heart...

So, maybe I should go ahead and pop something in this for an experiment for now.. I've got two Celtic's that are just sprouted. I'll put both in this when they are of size and we'll see if this design works or if I need to improve it. :-) :shock:
Should be interesting if anything eh? :lol:

There is a company in H.Times Mag that sells a grow bucket system that follows this same principle...The PVC tubes is just one, and is molded into the inside edge of the bucket and has a raised false bottom with air holes in it... I'll try to find it, same basic design tho. :shock: ($45ea)

cheers all, and thanks ICE, I think this is gonna work great... :D
Soma style growing modified.......
Ok everybody... LETS make a choice here... I'd like to put two plants in this 15 gallon bucket, but if we decide on just one thats kewl too. :-)

I've got two baby CELTICS.. Not sure which strain as they came unmarked..

1 Master Kush clone that is just rooted and starting to show signs of new life..

1 Aurora Indica clone that should be rooted any day now..

1 Bubblelight Fem'd - My cross between Bubblelicious X Northern Lights.. :-)

The Celtics are from seed and should take off quickly, the Bubblelight is furthest along at about 2wks old and stable grown from seed.. :-)

So, your suggestions are what's gonna go in... :D
Benders New grow Bucket 025.jpg
I'm so high I'm hallucinating man......

I need a freakin "J" man.....
Bubblelicious X  Northern Lights = Bubblelight.jpg
Benders Bubblelight from my Fem seeds
Aurora Indica clone just rooting...jpg
Aurora Indica clone, struggling a bit but should come around...the light is making her yellow.
Master Kush clone just rooting...jpg
Master Kush clone taken from outdoor plant grown from Nirvana seeds..
2 Celtic seeds just popped...jpg
The 2 Celtic plants, one in a Light Warrior mix, the other in pure Coco fiber...
Soma style growing modified.......
towlie is the shit, so is bender

good luck dude
...and for god sakes, who smells the plant to see if its male or female? Stevie Wonder?
Soma style growing modified.......
Mr Hankey the christmas poo :D