Do it yourself CO2 using yeast

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Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
Yeast is a living, eating, breathing and reproducing organism. They consume sugar and water and excrete carbon dioxide and alcohol. Yeast is used in the production of alcohol. Buy some brewers yeast at a make-your-own-beer/wine store. You will have to get a large jug with a small mouth, a rubber cork with a hole in it that will fit in the mouth of the jug, and six to ten feet (your decision) of flexible tubing in which the carbon dioxide will travel. All of these can be found at the one store. You are basically reviving the dry yeast in the package so that they will eat the sugar you give it and produce carbon dioxide meanwhile. Ask the person at the store that you want to produce carbon dioxide for some house plants. They will give you what you need.

1. Fill the large jug with slightly warm water. Not hot, not even warm, just a bit warmer than lukewarm. The warmth wakes up the yeast.
2. Now add sugar to the water . One part sugar to every five parts of solution.
3. Empty the packet of yeast in the jug and stir.
4. After a few hours the yeast should be active and producing carbon dioxide. The production of carbon dioxide can be observed by actual bubbles floating to the surface.
5.The only thing you have to do now is maintain the life of your yeast population. Dump out some of the solution and add fresh water so that is does not become stagnant. Add a few teaspoons of sugar. Do this every week or two.
6.Theoretically, your yeast population can last for an eternity!
Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
thanx chronic, i just applied this to my seedling today.
i simplyfied the whole jar & tube thing by just placing normal baking dry yeast with some sugar & warm water in alittle bowl near the seedling.
It bubbled & rose in the container.. therefore active.. cheap & effective!
Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
How much yeast and sugar for a large grow space? How often, when to start, and how long.
Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
i've always brewed my owm beer and just started growing but in the same room dunno how much co2 is produced but cant do any harm eh? anyone tried marijuana beer? still got a way to go but on a small under lit scale dont think its done any harm.
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Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
i'll tell you one thing.. those sheets better not fall on your lights :-o , be careful man ;)
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Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
on 12/12 now and plants are fanned only flours so not much heat. first one so just seeing if i could actually do it. next time will set up in attic. big style if this comes good in next 5/6 weeks.
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Do it yourself CO2 using yeast
some facts on useing Co2 or so i am told from my local hydroponics expert.
1. your plants must be in perfect health to use the co2 you are putting in your room.
2. you need to table your co2 as to high can kill you or your plants and to low does nothing bad or usefull ( 1600 ppm per square meter is optimal
1800 ppm per square meter is deadly to us )
3. co2 can only be aborbed durring lights on.
4. plants should only be given two shots of co2 durring the 12/12 cycle
once when the lights come on and one more 6 hours b4 lights turn off

i spoke to my hydroponics guru and he laughed at the theory of useing yeast to produce enough co2 to bring even a broom cubaoard up to 1600 ppm
not to mention the constant flow of co2 that will eventualy sufforcate your plants.

i am a qualified chef and to the bloke that the yeast didnt start to bubble right away, something is wrong, years of useing that smelly shit has taught me that yeast should start to breath within minutes of adding 37.6 degree celsius water and sugar. And the sugar should not touch the yeast untill one or the other has disolved, most ppl add the yeast then the sugar.
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